Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I've Gone And Done It

Two of August's projects are done (Maggie's sweater and Knit Knack's back-to-school shell) and I have two projects to go. The lace scarf sample is being a huge, frustrating issue (think: ripped out and restarted about four times already, and this is supposed to be the EASY lace class...), and my second August sock is over halfway done. There are four projects on the docket for September (a turtle, two bebe sweaters and the arrrgyle socks), PLUS I have to finish the big green sweater by the end of September in order to have a photo shoot the last weekend of the month. So what did I start over the weekend? What is getting most of my attention?

October socks.

I'm not typically one to do the same sock pattern more than once, but this pattern is BRILLIANT. I mean, GENIUS. If you like making socks, and you haven't made these yet, you MUST make them. It's totally worth it. I'm making the tiniest alteration to the pattern and I just can't get enough. Beautiful. Oh. Wanna see?

The pattern:
Pomatomus, of course.
The yarn:
Fly Super Sport, which I bought at Great Yarns in Everett, WA, last Christmas. It's merino. The color is the deepest possible teal, with slight variations in the dye that gives the knitted fabric even more depth and interest. Unbelievably soft, and the twist of the yarn along with the twisted rib of the pattern makes for incredible stitch definition. These socks will be the definition of luxury. I can't get enough. (Funnily enough, I knew this yarn was fated for this pattern way back when I bought it.)
The needles: My favorite standby, US2 dpns.

Now if I could just put them down long enough to get some of these more pressing projects finished.


I got a call from screaming Wendy last night. She was at the yarn market... a small show at a retirement community near the yarn store we work for.

"I've got guilt!" she cried when I picked up the phone.

Turns out, she bought sock yarn. She and our friend Lisa both joined me for my pair-a-month
sock challenge, and both of them agreed not to buy sock yarn until December. Poor Wendy, she just couldn't bear the guilt, so she had to call me shortly after the forbidden purchase.

Lisa was at the yarn market, too, and, even though it was her birthday, she had stayed strong and not purchased any sock yarn. Being the kind, generous soul I am, I forgave Wendy her purchase, told her to let Lisa buy sock yarn, too (it was her birthday, after all!), and hung up.

A few minutes later, I called her back, thinking it was hysterical that I had the power to give two grown women permission to buy sock yarn. Oh the power! And, I told her there was one thing she could do to make up for her transgression.

Just buy me some sock yarn, too!


JenBut said...

And did you get any sock yarn? This could be setting a dangerous precedent, you know. I mean, if all it takes for permission to buy is willingness to buy for others as well, you guys could end up with more sock yarn than you had when you started this thing... :)

~Tonia~ said...

The sock is lovley. Love the color.

So what sock yard did she get? Did yo get some too???

KelInCal said...

The October socks are going to rock! I've been wanting to knit those, and now you've convinced me. But see, now I need to go buy some solid sock yarn...

And now I've got that silly Pomatomous song stuck in my head again!

sherry said...

That color reminds me of the Midnight Blue Crayola Crayon from when I was a little girl. It was my favorite color in the box!!