Monday, February 6, 2006

Gangsta Yarn!

Today's Get Fuzzy cartoon on my scratch-a-day calendar may be one of my favorites ever. Bucky is filming an episode of "Cribz" and he's showing off the dresser in his closet. He points to the bottom drawer and says, "Yo yo yo, these are my drawers, yo. This bottom one is where I keep my chow, yo. Kit'n'nibbles... cat snax... it's all good." He points to the second drawer and says, "And this middle drawer is full of dead stuff I find. Yo, roadkill, 'sup?! The rodents don't mess with the Buckmaster, yo." The last frame shows bucky with a sideways glance, saying, "And that top drawer... well... it's... um... I keep some pretty yarn in... umm... I mean GANGSTA YARN! YO YO YO!"

The more astute among you will notice some new features on my sidebar. With a few words of wisdom from
Joy and some words of support from my brother, I finally figured out the "pictures on the sidebar linked to somewhere other than a bigger picture of the picture" thing. So I've got the free pattern thing going on, and I put up all the Knitting Olympics teams I belong to. I have the "Swearing at Lace" button standing by, but I'm hoping I won't need it.

The weekend was rather productive for a weekend. I filed my taxes, taught a class for work, talked to my mom on the phone (Hi, Mom!), did a load of laundry, took out all the trash, provided "knitting help" on Sunday afternoon at the yarn store, watched the Super Bowl (too bad the refs were playing for Pittsburgh), and knitted, of course. Wanna see what I did?

I finished Calvin's V-day socks.

I started the second of Maggie's V-day socks.

I started and made decent progress on a Raindrop Lace sock, using the same Lorna's Laces as I used for Calvin's socks.

With significant help from the gift certificate my aunt gave me, and color help from Nicole, I gave in and bought most of the yarn for my Samus sweater. And then, since I clearly cannot buy new yarn and not use it immediately, I started the braid for the bottom of the sweater. Ooo. Cables fun.

All of the Lite Lopi has been traded for possible future use of a kidney, and the lilac-y and white Cotton Tots yarn has been claimed. The taupe Paton's Grace has also been spoken for. Everything else is still up for grabs. Speak now or forever keep your grubby little paws to yourself.


Kimmy said...

I think the picture of the USA Shawl/Wrap Team looks like a picture of some funky underwear. Just thought I'd share. BTW, I'll take good care of at least one of my kidneys for you.

Brenda said...

I love the raindrop lace sock! I am very impressed with how much you got done this weekend.

JulieAmber said...

Brooke, the socks rule! You're my knitting inspiration that keeps me knitting. You have to come visit the Spinning Turtle Yarn shop in Nelsonville sometime. Would love to go shopping there with you!

bean said...

hey - cute socks! if i had kept up, i would have gotten a sneak peek. my children are currently napping in their darling, much loved socks, and later today i will be blogging (finally) to post a picture of the cuteness. you are a super cool annie grook.