Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I was going to title this post "Entre-Update", but "Entrelupdate" amused me more.

This is a picture of the entrelac market bag as of this morning. The red strip at the bottom will actually be the top of the bag, so I'm working the bag top-down. I've made it to the strip of red squares, and I think after the brown squares, I start making smaller squares to decrease toward the bottom of the bag.

Here's the entirety of the bag so far, along with a great shot of the new ironing board cover that I bought last night. It's purty.

You'll also be pleased to note that I have started the second raindrop lace sock. I had sock club Saturday morning and was able to cast on and start it then, in between helping one of my clubbers with a new cable sock pattern. Isn't it lovely? I know there's a long way to go, but the most important step is casting on. (Right? Isn't that a knitting proverb or something?)

Hmmm... was there anything else I was supposed to talk about today?

Oh yeah! The contest! This probably won't come as a big surprise to anyone, since our winner was the most diligent of anyone in spamming posting comments during this particular contest. Our winner even went back through old posts adding comments here and there in order to up the comment count! So, congratulations are due to


for providing Chez Drunken Monkey with our 200th (and many others!) comment! Trek, please send your name and snail mail address along with your favorite STR colorway to brooketyler2002 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Your brand new sock yarn will be on its way by the end of the week! Congratulations!

And thanks to everyone who boosted the comment count. I feel very special! Keep up the commenting, and we'll have another comment contest when we start approaching 500 comments. I'll be sure to remind you then. Thanks, everybody!


Karen said...

congrats Trek!!
The bag is cool. Maybe I'll give it a try afterall.

Joy said...

Congratulations Trek!

Wow! I like the bag a lot. I hadn't heard of entrelac before so I had no idea what you were talking about until the photos today. Can't wait to see it felted.

After hearing the history of your efforts with entrelac, I'm even more impressed at how well you're sticking with it (thanks for the story, Brenda!).

trek said...

Look what a night of insomnia can do for you!

Thanks, everyone, esp Brooke for hosting the contest. Come see me for another blog contest.

Brenda said...

I too like the bag. I think I'll start something entrelac tonight.

(Joy, I may have embellished the entrelac story a little. But just a little.)

Congrats trek!