Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's official. I've run out of yarn for the Pomatomus socks. However, it turns out that Enabler-Lisa's alter ego is Provider-Lisa (there was another time when she provided a healthy handful of fiberfill to spare me some trouble), and she's given me two good options to finish the toes, since my stash failed to produce something worthy.

Oh, and I have to give a hearty THANKS! to Rebecca in Washington state, who emailed me last week to see if she could stop by
Great Yarns in Everett to see if they had anymore of this sock yarn. Even though they ended up not having any more of the solid shades, it was very thoughtful of her to check it out for me. Thanks, Rebecca!

(Edited to add: Thanks to Morgan (my favorite SIL), too, for offering to go look for yarn! Sorry I missed you the first time around, Mo!)

On the left is a multi-colored sock yarn from Jitterbug. It's mostly a weird shade of green, but it has almost exactly the same shade of teal running through it, along with some reds and yellows and other flotsam. On the right is a solid, reliable, steady black Cherry Tree Hill. I do have a leaning, but I haven't decided for sure yet. Which do you prefer?


What's this I see?

Two sleeves at the same time on a circular needle. Not in the round (my circular isn't long enough for that), but this is the first time I've tried this, and now that I'm well past the garter border, I'm enjoying it. And I'm looking forward to having both sleeves done at the same time!

I've got another improvisation necessity here. I've gotten farther with the dark blue than I thought I would, but it's never going to get me all the way. Once I run out, I want to make the rest of the sleeves orange (don't worry, there's other orange in the sweater), but I want to use some type of transition. Here are the two I've come up with. Which one do you like better?


Lastly, you must go check out
Otto the Turkey, a new creation by Ruth of Ruthless Knitting, without whom our good friend Knit Knack would not exist. Otto's so precious, couldn't you just eat him up? I mean... not that you would...


JenBut said...

Mmm... Turkey!

I'm going to cast my vote for colored sock toes. I think I'll have to remain neutral on the sleeve decision, because although in general I like the stripes, the blue and orange seem a little Michigany. And although some people may support that, I just can't do it. Go Bucks! :)

KelInCal said...

There's my little drunkeymonkey. :D

Not sure about the sock yarn, but I think I'm leaning towards the multi-greenish one. I also like the stripey transition (the one on the right) for the sleeves.

That is a yummy, tweedy turkey - thanks for the link!

bean said...

um, first of all, my precious feelings are hurt. i offered to get you more yarn too! just cause i'm your sister-in-law doesn't make that special too. :(


second, i think crazy colored yarn is funner to finish with. and socks should be fun.

third, i like the stripe transition. the other one reminds me of a castle, and since i'm tired, it makes me think "and your father smelt of elderberries!"

off to bed now.

Screaming Wendy said...

This is your BFF speaking: I will go to the other yarn store to look for more blue; I can't stand that the perfect sweater will have half-orange sleeves!! Also, I like the stripey socks. Love you!

MollyBeees said...

Leaning toward the Jitterbug to jazz up those toes! And I like the 'castle tower' motif for the sleeve! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Agatha "chotch-key" Lennon said...

Just sayin,
I love the jitterbug to finish those socks
and, while I don't perticularly favor the orange, the stripe looks better than the battlements.
But what ever, I'm just sayin.^-^

Joy said...

I like the Jitterbug yarn for the sock toes, and the stipey sleeve transition.

Can't wait to see the final product!

Brenda said...

I miss you Brooke!

I'm going to be boring and say that I like the black to finish the toes. That's me. Your safe, boring friend. And I like the stripes for the sleeves.