Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My Thanksgiving was lovely, thank you. And yours?

I got to see an aunt and two cousins that I hadn't seen in at least 20 years, and now they are all likely convinced that I can't think of anything better to do than to knit. But, see, that's because I had deadlines.

The Pomatomus socks are finished. If they'd been for me, I would have used the black yarn to finish them up. However, a strategic comment a couple posts back caused me to use the multi-colored yarn, and I'm not disappointed. Hopefully the recipient won't be, either.

In my other deadline project (of which I'm unable to show you the completed project for a few more days yet), the stripey transition won out, and I dare say it turned out better than expected. Here, have a montage.

And then, in a flourish of FO-HO-ish-ness, last night I finished my Foliage hat, which shall be a store sample for the class I'm teaching after the start of the year. It uses way less than one skein of Malabrigo (the Malabrigo I bought in Washington state last year when I bought the yarn for the above socks), and I used US size 8 needles (the pattern calls for 7s), so my hat is a teeny big.

Well, it's a teeny big for the plastic model here, but all of us at knit night last night agreed that it looked best on her, anyway.

So that's what, FOUR finished projects in about a week, and one of them a December project? (Let's not talk about the November socks, or about the other entire turtle that I was supposed to make this month, shall we?) That leaves a commissioned stocking, the endpaper mitts, and a tiny little Christmas gift for Knit Knack* to get me through the end of the year. My eye-searing Monkey socks are getting a little snuggle time lately, as well, as a reward for my good behavior.

*Does anyone else think it a little strange that the only actual Christmas-gift-knitting I'm doing this year is for a knitted turtle??


Annabelle said...

I love the foliage hat!

Knit Knack totally deserves a gift for Christmas... he's been working hard modeling all year ;)

Brenda said...

Hey! I like the socks. I can't wait to see the stripey thing!

Brenda said...

And I like the hat but I like your friend even more. She's HOT!

Brenda said...

Perhaps I should have posted that last comment anonymously.

KelInCal said...

Everything looks great! The socks are cool and the stripey transition turned out great. I love how the Foliage hat sits on the model kinda slouchy; I was looking at slouchy hats just last night.

I wasn't looking at slouchy hats for ideas for Christmas gifts. No. That's not what I was doing. I am NOT making Christmas gifts this year! If I only had a knitted turtle to knit for (let's pretend I don't - I'm sure my knitted turtle outfits would be horrendous).

Chris Salley said...

Strangely awesome!

Leone said...

I think my Christmas would be a lot less stressful if I was only knitting for a turtle! You have the right idea. And those socks! Gasp!