Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good News, Bad News

Good News: I dropped off Luke's stripy sweater last Saturday.

Bad News: I don't have a picture of him in it yet.

Good News: While I was there, Joy gave me a birthday present. Sock yarn!!!

Bad News: I already cast on with it. I couldn't help it.

Good News: The new sock yarn makes a very pretty (monkey!) sock.

Bad News: If I knit on the new sock, I'm not knitting on the things I'm supposed to be knitting on.

More Bad News: My October socks are still not finished.

Good News: I started Calvin's birthday sweater.

Bad News: His birthday is soon. VERY SOON!!!

Good News: I have almost one and a half November socks done.

Bad News: They are so boring to knit! Where's my new sock?

Good News: I got my invitation to Ravelry.

Bad News: Someone already has the name DrunkenMonkey! What do I do???

Good News: I voted today.

Bad News: I don't have any pictures of anything I'm working on.

Good News: I successfully avoided a powerful enabler who came into the store on Sunday. (Lisa is very persuasive!)

Bad News: That postpones my starting the Brea Bag anytime soon.

Good News: January and project-freedom is coming!

Bad News: Only two pairs of socks, one turtle, two turtle outfits, one birthday sweater, two store samples, and a stocking to get finished before then.


Joy said...

Ok, WHAT is the deal with Ravelry? I hear... or rather read... people talk about it but I really don't know what it is. Maybe now that you got invited, you can scope it out and tell us ignoramuses about it.

What about: Drunk Monkey, Drinking Monkey, Smashed Monkey, Drunk'n Monkey, The Drunken Monkey?

Joy said...

Oh I almost forgot in all the name brain storming... You already cast on?!?! You crack me up! I'm glad you're loving it so much now.

~Tonia~ said...

Ok so what is the yarn?

Sounds like you need to get in gear and start knitting like the wind.

Leone said...

I'm dizzy. DrunkMonkey; DrunkenMonkeyKnits; DrunkenMonken; Monkey who is Drunk

Annabelle said...

Oh! I just got my invite too, look me up if you want! Someone stole my name too, but of course mine's pretty common. You could just go with DrunkenMonkey and your birth year (I'm so uncreative!).

I understand about casting on the new sock. I did the same thing recently, sometimes you just gotta let your mind wander to another project for a few minutes in order to get back on the saddle.

Carolyn said...

Let us know what username you pick so we can look you up and friend you. Ravelry is awesome. Then again, organizing things is my favorite thing in life.

Kimmie said...

Good News: I'm chatting with you right now online as I write this

Bad News: I can think of nothing interesting to say in my comment...

Chris Salley said...

Add the words "The Original" to your title. The Original Drunken Monkey Knits. There you go. Problem solved.