Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quick Update

I don't think I'm going to have enough yarn for my October socks. (This is the yarn I bought in Everett, WA, last Christmas, so I likely can't get more.) In fact, I might have to rip out the toe of the first in order to finish the foot of the second. Nothing in my stash calls to me as a good toe yarn. Ugh.

The back and half of the front of Calvin's sweater are finished. I'm going to run out of the color I need for the sleeves. (There isn't any more at the store. I even rearranged those baskets and came up empty handed.) I'm going to have to improvise.

On the other hand, in the I-have-more-than-plenty-enough-yarn-to-complete-this-project category, Knit Knack will be decked out in his Thanksgiving finest next week. I'd show you the part I have done, but it is SUPER TOP SECRET!!! If I showed you, I'd have to kill you. And it would be such a nightmare tracking you all down. So stay tuned.

I'm offically abandoning the very idea of November socks. Not going to happen.

The eye-searing monkey socks are no further along than the last time you saw them. I've never been more proud of myself for not working on a particular project. I've been super-diligent about working on the October socks, Calvin's sweater, and Knit Knack's SUPER TOP SECRET Thanksgiving outfit. Three-project monogamy (is it really monogamy?) is pretty good for me.

Sorry I've been lax about commenting on everyone's blogs... Internet time is scarce. I'm hoping to get caught up soon; if not this weekend, then perhaps next.


~Tonia~ said...

I hate running out of yarn. Why is it when it is something important the yarn seems to vanish into a black hole, but if it is something that you are knitting just because you have plenty of yarn?

Can't wait to see the new outfit for Knit Knack

Annabelle said...

I can't wait for Knit Knack's new digs.

Running out of yarn is such a bummer, I'm so paranoid I always get at least one extra just in case.

KelInCal said...

The new job must be keeping you busy! You didn't need November socks anyway, right?? I won't even mention that you still want to knit the - wait, I said I wouldn't mention it. :D

Can't wait to see KK's fashion for the month! Surely someday you'll land a gig as knitted turtle fashion designer extraordinaire...

monica said...

I hate running out of yarn. I have a pair of socks well they aren't really a pair since they aren't finished, but they have been in that same state of unfinished for 5 years. I have not given up hope in finding another ball of the yarn to finish them. I thought about ripping them out once and knitting them over in a different design, but it was just a thought.
Can't wait to see all the top secret stuff

Rachel said...

It is cosmically unfair that you're working on TWO projects that will run out of yarn. Isn't that just the worst feeling? Good luck with your improvisation.

I can't wait for Knit Knacks newest fashion debut!

Karen said...

I can't wait to see Knit Knack in his new outfit...Pilgram or Indian?

bean said...

oh no! can i go get you more yarn? that is no fun at all!