Monday, April 10, 2006

And Carry a Big Swift

From Merriam-Webster online:

Main Entry: swift
Function: noun
1 : any of several lizards (especially of the genus Sceloporus) that run swiftly
2 : a reel for winding yarn or thread
3 : any of numerous small plainly colored birds (family Apodidae) that are related to the hummingbirds but superficially much resemble swallows

I bought a ball winder back in February in celebration of the Knitting Olympics, and now all I need to make my ball winding activities complete is a swift. Since I don't currently have the financial capability to buy one, I decided to rent one this weekend.

I had plenty of yarn to wind (perhaps that's the cause of the above-mentioned financial issue), so I was happy to have the in-home winding opportunity, as opposed to taking the yarn to the shop to wind it.

Here's the rented swift, at ease...

...and at full extension. (Despite the tongue, I think he enjoyed his swift-ness this weekend. Don't tell him I told you so, or I'll get in BIG trouble!)

The rented swift even came with a free accessory.

We wound all of this (top row, l to r: KnitPicks Shadow in Jewel, Oregon Coast, and Redwood Forest, and Claudia's Handpainted in JustPlum; middle row, l to r: KnitPicks Shadow in Campfire and Vineyard, King Tut Mercerized Cotton in green, and Claudia's Handpainted in Chocolate Cherry; bottom row l to r: KnitPicks Shadow in Lost Lake and Grape Jelly, about 1/4 of a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in navy, and the other skein of the King Tut green cotton).

And this. Both Socks That Rock. The one at the left is Seal Rock (for me) and the one on the right is Carbon Dating (for swifty Anthony).

I think I only have two more skeins that need to be wound, but the rental period was up and I had to return the swift. It was a fun day, though, with much less untangling than if I'd tried to wind it all without him. And who could ask for a cuter swift? Seriously.


Oh, and maybe you already know this, but the new
Knitty is up. And my niece is featured in my pattern. Seriously, it wouldn't be so easy if she weren't so darn cute. Enjoy!


Dorothy said...

I love your sweater pattern on Knitty. Such cute little niece too! I've been wanting to try lace for a while, but I have no patience for wearing or knitting shawls. My daughter is two and I could probably find enough patience for a small sweater like this one!
My "swift" is married to me and I consider this his marital duty. :)

Joy said...

So is the yarn featured on your swift (top 2 photos) one of the Socks That Rock colorways? Just curious - the colors are really beautiful!

My that is a lot of yarn. No wonder you're supposedly on a yarn fast. *taps foot*

aija said...

I had to drop by and post a comment, I LOVE your knitty pattern, it made me wish I had a little girl to knit for. Simply amazing, thanks for sharing it with us :)

alltangledup said...

I love your sweater... too cute and your niece is distractingly gorgeous too!

Ragnar said...

Where oh where did you rent your swift? It seems like a very efficient model...and I've got a lot of yarn needs windin'

Piper said...

Hi Brooke,

I love the pattern Reid. It's awesome. A friend and I have already started it, but am having some trouble. I can't get back row 7. I took the liberty of changing the Triangle to Slip 1, K2tog, psso. Which made it work until I got to Row 7, then the pattern gets off. I was wondering if you could offer some help?

Piper Garwacki

Elizabeth said...

I just found your new pattern in Knitty. It is so adorable! I'm pretty sure I'm going to make one for my three year old neighbor. It will be my first sweater, but it is so cute that I'm gonna try to make it perfect! Thanks for the pattern.

Brenda said...

I tried to get a swift like your but it would never sit still and it kept talking about "other things" it had to do. I put it out in the garage but it keeps wandering around the house demanding to be fed.