Tuesday, April 11, 2006

To Betsy and the Others

Dear Betsy,
I really hope you come across this post, because my email won't let me reply to the one you sent me! There's no email listed in the To: box when I hit reply. This makes me super sad!

Anyway, you asked about the gauge for the sweater, and how the schematic measurements don't make sense with the finished measurements. I will tell you that I was surprised at this, as well, but it actually turns out the way it's listed. I had my sister-in-law's mother measure Maggie's sweater for me, and the two fronts together are not as wide as the back is. So as crazy as it sounds, the measurements listed are actually correct. I hope this makes sense, and I hope (again!) that you find this message. If you do, please try emailing me again and make sure you leave your email address in the message! Thank you!

Dear Dorothy,
I am so impressed that swift-hood has been impressed upon your significant other as a "marital duty". Best of luck with the lace knitting. I think this sweater is a great lace piece because it doesn't require as much perseverance as a shawl. I wish you the best of luck! (And thanks for agreeing with me about my niece's cute factor!)

Dear "Keen-Eye" Joy,
You got it. The yarn featured on the swift in the two top photos (see previous post) is indeed one of the Socks That Rock colorways. Seal Rock, to be precise. You have an amazing eye for detail.

And please stop the fretting and the tapping of the toes. All of this yarn is yarn that I had purchased BEFORE the yarn fast. I just hadn't had a chance to wind it before now. I will let you know when the fast has lifted so that you can again worry about the amount of yarn in my possession. Silly girl.

Dear quikeye,
What in the world are you doing leaving comments on other people's blogs? In fact, what are you doing reading other people's blogs, or looking at the spring issue of Knitty? It looks to me like you have enough sock knitting to do to take up three or four lifetimes! Holy cow! And you've got my favorite Lorna's Laces colorway going as well: Seaside. Good luck with all of that! I can't wait for the Summer Knitty either. Everybody needs a few more great sock patterns! Well, except maybe for you!

Oh, and thanks for the super nice comments about the sweater. Maybe some day you'll come across a little girl who really needs one.

(Hey everybody else, if you've ever wanted to see a blue womb, click on Quikeye's link for a special treat!)

Dear alltangledup,
Thanks so much for the kind comments about the sweater! I think you hit the nail right on the head with your description of my niece. She IS "distractingly gorgeous"!! Her little brother is on his way to the same gorgeousness. Go check out my sister-in-law's blog for even more pictures. Thanks!

Dear Ragnar,
I am so very fortunate. You see, my fiancee is the owner of a small swift rental business. He didn't have any clients this past weekend and was able to rent out his one available swift to me. If you're ever passing through the southwestern portion of Ohio, maybe I can hook you up. Thanks for your interest!

(Dudes! Ragnar is a pirate! That's wicked cool. And she made some amazing skull socks. Click her link to check them out!)

Dear Piper,
You amaze me. I knew that the spring Knitty would be up on Monday morning, but you got to it and had already emailed me about the errors before I'd even seen it! Thank you so much for checking those out, and rest assured that they've already been fixed on the Knitty website. A few others have emailed me about the same thing and I am continually amazed by all of the keen eyes of those who really check out these patterns! I'm also REALLY impressed that you're so far along on the pattern alredy. I can't wait to see the finished sweater!

Just amazing. Thank you!

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you so much for the sweet comments about the sweater. I hope you're successful with it since it's your first sweater pattern! If you need any help as you go about it, I hope you'll comment here or email me and I'll help as much as I can. I'm so jealous of you... I wish I had learned to knit in high school! Good luck and thanks again!

Dear Brenda,
I'm sorry about the frustration you had with your swift. It is a good thing that your wandering swift bought you an ordinary, traditional, non-wandering swift for Christmas so that you don't have to worry about its location. You are blessed. Hehe.
P.S. I can't wait to see you this weekend!! w00t!


calicokatt said...

Help! I'm stuck on row nine of the lower sleeve of Reid. It appears to require more stitches than are actually in the row. I've knit it up 4 times, and ripped it out, and finally counted the stitches in the pattern, and its just off somewhere. :( I can't seem to email you directly from knitty, but you can email me if you have a simple fix or I'm just being stupid! calicokatt@yahoo.com

calicokatt said...

Okay, I figured it out. On row nine of the Lower Sleeve chart, the last three stitches in the highlighted area are wrong. They read, knit one, yarn over, knit one. They SHOULD read yarn over, knit one, yarn over. :D

cizihaveto said...

A 40" chest for a 6 year old? Truly? Wowsers!