Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shameless Cop-Out

It's not my fault. If your head was as full of gunk as mine is, you'd look for ideas to steal, too.

I found this idea over at
January One, and I liked it.

Go to (my brother's favorite site) and search for your birthday, sans year. Post three interesting events, three folks who were born on that day, and three folks that died on that day.

You know you want to.

Interesting Events:
1. 1789 - George Washington proclaims the first Thanksgiving Day.
2. 1960 - The Andy Griffith Show debuts.
3. 1995 - O. J. Simpson found not guilty of murder.

(He's free! Like a bird! Like the wind! Through the trees!)
(Bonus points* if you know who I'm misquoting in the previous parenthesis.)

Famous Folks' Birthdays:
1. 1873 - Emily Post, American etiquette advisor (d. 1960)
2. 1954 - Al Sharpton, American minister and politician
3. 1976 - Seann William Scott, American actor

(More bonus points** if you know why SWS's b-day is significant.)

Famous Folks' Deathdays:
1. 1226 - Saint Francis of Assisi (b. 1181)
2. 1656 - Myles Standish, English-born soldier
3. 2003 - William Steig, American cartoonist and children's author (b. 1907)


Are you here looking for knitting stuff? Well, too bad. Maybe I'll have something for you next week. I've been knitting, but it's been a wicked busy week this week, plus, as previously mentioned, my head is full of gunk. So the knitting is sporadic. I'm sure I'll have stuff to show you next week. I'm just sure of it. Maybe.

*If you earn these bonus points, take them out back and plant them. Soon, you'll have a bonus point tree.
**If you earn these bonus points, don't plant them too close to the other bonus points, or their roots will get tangled and neither bonus point tree will be able to get enough water, and they'll both die, and you'll come back here and blame me when it was your own stinking fault to begin with. Sheesh. Whiners.


Kimmy said...

** That guy's birthday is significant because it happens to fall on Brooke's birthday, duh!

1819 - The bicycle is patented.
1974 - The first retail product (a pack of chewing gum) was sold using a barcode reader.
1977 - Elvis Presley gives his last concert.

1824 - Lord Kelvin, Irish-born physicist
1956 - Chris Isaak, American singer
1974 - Derek Jeter, American baseball player

1922 - Albert I, Prince of Monaco
1997 - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Hawaiian singer
2003 - Strom Thurmond, U.S. Senator

Brenda said...

You are quoting your brother! I was there! I heard it! I laughed.

Instead of bonus points, can I have dream seeds?

brooke t. higgins said...

Of course that guy's birthday is the same as mine, silly Kimmy. That's the whole point of the game. But what makes his birthday more significant than the others I posted?

YAY BRENDA!!! You're right. That was the first part of the answering machine message that my brother left for me in 1995. I wish I'd saved the recording. It was pretty funny.

And yes, you may have dream seeds instead of bonus points. As many dream seeds as you can dream of!

Ragnar said...

Uhm...because you've had a wicked crush on him ever since his show stopping performance in "dude where's my car"? (don't kill me! it was a joke I swear!)

I thought about doing that meme, but come to find out that my birthday is really boring...

Sue said...

hi - this is really random but I wanted to thank you for the BEAUTIFUL pattern in Knitty that you've shared with us. I'm so tempted I can't buy the yarn fast enough .... Thanks. It really is beautiful!


stringthing said...

dear drunken monkey, I was wondering if there would ever be any liklyhood of a adult sized reid, from knitty's spring issue. I love that sweater, but i do not have any little girls to knit for.