Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Brooke The Higgins Day

Occasionally, a person's faith in humanity can be restored. Today provides a good example. This morning, a few of my coworkers celebrated my return from Wooster by presenting me with gifts galore: gorgeous flowers (seen above), a dinosaur book, plastic dinosaurs, an Oprah magazine, and... groceries!!

They also declared today Brooke The Higgins Day and we all went out for Mexican for lunch. (Here you can see a few of the plastic dinosaurs gathered at the salsa hole.) I'm a little overwhelmed. This was super nice of them, and I know my stammered thank yous will never be enough. So here's a public "Thank You!" to everyone involved. You are wonderful people.

Another "Thank You!" to everyone who has kept my parents in their thoughts and prayers. This is a rough time with a fraction of a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel. As of Monday evening when I left Wooster, my dad was still in the hospital. I'm hoping they'll be able to move him to the nursing home soon, if not for rehab, then at least so Mom won't have to drive so far to visit him. Thanks again for your thoughts. I made sure to pass along all of the kind words you left in the comments.

Hospital visiting makes for some good knitting time, however, and I made some progress on a few different projects. I'll have to show you pictures later in the week, as I haven't taken any updated photos of the projects I worked on.

I finished the striped part of the
baby hat, picked up the stitches at the brim, and have worked a couple of inches in the blue.

I worked another half a repeat or so of my
Pomatomos socks. I love the pattern, as I've told you constantly since I started it, but it's coming along very slowly. This is not a fast knit, at least not for me.

I worked quite diligently on my
entrelac market bag. I completed the next row of orange squares, and I'm a little over halfway done with the next row of blue squares. The squares are getting smaller every round now! I told my mom I absolutely love this bag and I love knitting it, but it's really difficult to finish more than three or four squares in one sitting unless I'm changing colors and starting a new row of squares.

The last project I worked on in Wooster is a new
Jaywalker sock using my first Socks That Rock acquisition. I cast on for it late in the week, and I'm almost ready to turn the heel. They will be ankle socks, since they're for me, and I only have one skein of this Red Rock Canyon colorway. I added 8 stitches to the larger cast-on (two stitches per repeat, 92 total) and I'm hoping that will help me avoid my previous Jaywalker disaster. Some may say I'm being selfish by making a sock for myself first, since I also bought a skein for socks for Anthony. In my defense, I'm experimenting with mine so that I know how long the cuffs can be for Anthony's socks. See how giving and sacrificial I am? Hehe. Pictures after I turn the heel, IF it fits.

(Oh! And I got to talk to my favorite niece on the phone Monday night before I came back home, and I got to hear first hand how much she loves her
stripy socks!)


Joy said...

OK, I've scanned your Mega-Works-In-Progress update and have a list of things you should finish before you end your yarn fast. (You have resisted the urge to buy more yarn, even when visiting your parents, right? RIGHT?)

I found four little tiny easy-to-finish projects that you should definitely finish before even casting on anything from your stash. :)

- Sock It To Me toe-up socks
- Handy for Me gloves
- Greek Mittens
- Wendy's Easy Toe-up socks

Ok, so maybe the gloves and the Greek mittens aren't the quickest easiest cast-off, but still. Not much left to go on those! Then you could find a new project or three to start FROM YOUR STASH.

Finally, before you buy any more yarn, you really MUST finish Anthony's sweater.

That's quite a variety of projects, so you're not going to be stuck slogging away at any one thing. Aren't I kind and thoughtful and generous?

Joy said...

By the way, happy belated "Brooke the Higgins Day!" I think you've got the bestest coworkers ever!

Brenda said...

Brooke, you really do have the best coworkers. If I'd known is was "Brooke the Higgins Day" I would have sent a gift! I know you're going to say that I could still send a gift but it's not the same when the gift is late and you're expecting it.

brooke t. higgins said...

I don't know anything about any gifts coming. And late gifts, if they were coming, just extend the celebration. *taps foot*

Joy, I'll deal with you later.

grins said...

Joy, Brooke did indeed NOT purchase yarn when she was in Wooster; but then again, I had to grab the steering wheel of the car several times when we were passing Thymbles in Smithville.

Hey, Brenda, Babe -- Happy Baby!

I also am overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness and caring and sweetness of those who participated in the "Brooke The Higgins Day!" What a terrific bunch of co-workers. I also can't believe how wonderfully sensitive and generous and thoughtful and unselfish my daughter was to attend to my every need -- even to go to far as to grade several sets of papers and type up a test for my freshmen! Wow! I almost feel guilty about keeping Me ... ooops! Nothing ....

Well, I love you, Sweetie, Cutie, Dolly Brookie!

Love and Hugs

Joy said...

Phew! What a relief to hear from a highly credible source that you indeed have stuck to your yarn diet! (Thanks Grins!) Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!

And I have to remind you that YOU are the one who asked for people to suggest rules for your yarn diet. You had to know we wouldn't just let that go!