Friday, June 23, 2006

Contest Prizes Re-Thunk

I'll tell you what. If there had been any more contest entries, I would have had to declare a mistrial-contest-failure and cancel the entire thing, crawl into my closet, pull a Red Heart brand, 20 year old afghan over my head and cry till the cows came home.

As it was, there were only five entries. I think my favorite part of this contest was how each of the five entry-ers went about writing their story differently. Honestly, even with only five entries, the decision was/is very difficult. In fact, in the majority of entries, the story/explanation that goes along with the poem (YAY! They're all poems!) is just as intriguing as the poem itself.

So I've made my decision. Well, sort of. Everyone who entered will win a prize. Only one person, of course, can win the Trekking. That will be my grand prize. However, tonight I am going to peruse the stash for four more prizes. (I did just lose my job, you know. I can't just go out and buy you all prizes. hehe.)

However, since I promised to announce the Trekking winner today, I will do so. The winning entry was sent to me by an email address belonging to Todd Brockmeier, though I'm going to have to say (based on the content of the email) that the actual sender of the email is someone related to Todd Brockmeier, and not Todd Brockmeier himself. So, user-of-Todd-Brockmeier's-email-address, you win! Here's the winning entry (in its entirety):

Here's my entry for your contest. Hope you like it! I've never had the privilege of working with Trekking, I've never even been into a Yarn Store (if you don't count Michael's and Hobby Lobby). Anyways, without further ado, here's my poem:

There was a young woman
Who lived in a shoe
She loved spindling and knitting
And making socks too.
(She also had so many kids she didn't know what to do, lol)

She needed some yarn
To make her next pair.
She found a blog contest
With some Trekking to share.

She decided to enter
With a little ditty
"I bet that Trekking yarn
Sure is pretty!"

I hope the Drunken Monkey
Will approve of my rhyme
'Cause my baby is cryin'
And I've run outta time!!!! (:


You see why I have to award her the Trekking, don't you? Sure, the poem is great, but she's NEVER used Trekking! NEVER even been in a real live yarn store!!! Oh my. I weep for you as I pack up your yarn. And yet, my tears are not only of pain, but also of joy, as I send your first (of hopefully many!) ball of REAL sock yarn. Go forth, my lovely, and knit socks!

So all of you... Joy, Leone, Brenda, Lisa, and Todd-Brockmeier-impersonator, send your snail mail addresses to my email: brooketyler2002 AT yahoo DOT com and your prizes will get to you some time next week.

Also next week, I'll share their poems and the prizes they'll receive.


aija said...

Congrats winners! :)

I hope you don't mind I didn't enter! I have some trekking that already needed to be knit up and is impatient for me to do so. Good luck on your search, too!

Joy said...

I'm glad you didn't hide in the closet and cry into your yarn. That would be tragic for the yarn.

Can't wait to read all the entries next week!

Leone said...

Mmm... that one is very funny and rhymes (and rather stellar). Mine is freaky serious- did I completely miss the fun on this?

Brenda said...

Congrats Todd B Impersonator!

I'm glad you decided that everyone deserves a prize. That's the way all contests should be.

But maybe you don't need to share all the entries . . .

Karen said...

How wonderful for the Todd impersonator. She will love Trekking (it's one of my favorites). Sorry I didn't join in too, but my husband seems to think I have enough socks. No that's not why, but I do have enough yarn to keep me busy for a while. Good luck in the job hunt.

PBnJ said...

Okay, here I am, the Todd B impersonator, aka PBnJ or IRL Holly. :)
Wow. I can't believe I won the Trekking!!!!! Woo Hoo, some REAL sock yarn! LOL. Thanks so much!!!! Wheeee!