Thursday, June 8, 2006

Going Away

Can't talk now. Packing for the TNNA show in Indianapolis this weekend.

I promise I'll behave myself.

...As well as can be expected anyway.

P.S. See those pants? I'm making those pants. Eventually the whole outfit, yeah, but those pants? I'm making them. (They ROCK!)


Karen said...

My sister said she saw you at TNNA. She saw "Ohio" and the shop name on your bagge. She was the one walking around with a silly grin on her face for 3 days.

Brenda said...

How many fiber festivals do you need to attend? I know. All of them. BUt if this goes too far, we will have an intervention.

Joy said...

I agree with Brenda. Don't you have your eyes on two others this year???

(you know we're just secretly consumed with envy.)