Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Trekking On

So here it is, the prize at hand, the lovely gift for s/he who comes up with the best reason for it. I've received several almost-convincing stories already, cleverly written and somewhat intriguing. Remember, the deadline for the contest is Thursday at midnight. The winner/winning story will be announced on Friday.

Here's another view (since Blogger is letting me) to assure you that it is, indeed, Trekking that you're vying for.

There is knitting progress happening. Unfortunately, the project in progress is of "giftish" nature, remaining reclusive for the time being. Slight progress is being made on a small number of other projects, but not enough to be of any visual interest or astonishment in blogland. So you'll have to content yourself with the picture of the Trekking for now.

What I really want to do, more than anything else, is start a new pair of socks.

"But, Brooke!" you say, imploringly. "A NEW sock?"

"Yes," I nod, my eyes focused on a small floor speck.

"Really?" you inquire again, "even with all the socks you already have started?"

"It's not that many!" I retort, guilty as charged.

"Brooke..." you give me That Look.

"Okay, so it's enough... but I have all this great sock yarn that's just begging to be..."

"Seriously! Get a grip! Crazy drunky monkey!" You hop up and down a bit as you say this, a slightly drunky-monkey look in your eye as well.

"But look!" I pull out my basket o' sock yarn, and begin showing you the pretty colors.

"Hmm..." you ponder, seeing rainbows of possibilities dance before your eyes. "Got a good pattern?"

"HA! See? I can't help it!"

Hmm, okay, when I start talking to myself on my blog, perhaps it's time to put the pointy sticks away for a few minutes or so.


In non-knitting news, I've always considered myself somewhat handy. Not
rip-out-the-old-sink-put-in-a-new-one-in-and-redo-the-bathroom-in-a-day-as-a-surprise kind of handy, but you know, if there's a little fix to be made, I can probably do it.

So I have this little problem, see? One of my three darling kitties decided a while back that just inside my front door would be the perfect spot for a litter box. The only problem with that is... there's no litter box there. Did that stop the little sweetheart? No, not at all. The other problem is that the door swings inward, so if the little precious decides to leave her gifts while I'm out, I can't help but spread them over the carpet when I open the door to come in.

About a month ago, I cut out the square of carpet just in front of the door. I had big plans to put down some tile or some vinyl something so that it wouldn't look bad but would at least get rid of the nasty carpet and be easy to clean if the little shnookums couldn't control herself. Then life happened and I got lazy and didn't do anything, and soon... the carpet pad was in bad shape.

So this weekend I cut out the square of carpet pad, tossed it in the dumpster, and trundled off to Lowe's to fix this deal once and for all. You know how Home Depot has the great slogan "You can do it, We can help."? Yeah, well, Lowe's has the following slogan: "You can do it, we can... wait, what? No, I don't think you can do it. Really. You can't do it. Go home."

After 20 minutes of trying to explain what I wanted to do, and a further 15 minutes of being shown stuff and then being told, no, you can't use that, I bought two rubber mats to put in the square, a can of cat-be-gone, and went home. I probably don't have to tell you that neither the rubber mats nor the spray were effective.

Any ideas?


Joy said...

I do, I do! I have some vinyl tiles (I know - oxymoron) leftover from a bathroom remodel (not the one you linked to) that you can have if you like them. They're easy -- just peel the backing off and stick 'em down.

You'll need to get some transition strip to cover the edges of the vinyl and carpet, though. This means another trip to a hardware store of some kind. Perhaps Ace, the Helpful Place? We've got a really nice one near us. (hint, hint)

Shelley said...

Do you have more than 1 cat? If so, and you only have 1 litter box, that might be the problem. Cats like to have their own boxes. Also, sometimes the type of cat litter you use can affect the cat not going in the box. If it is the kind that creates 'dust' when it's poured or scratched (by the cat), it might not like that. If the grains are too big that might be the problem (imagine having to step on stones everytime you had to squat).

Also, sometimes a cat will go anywhere but the box if there is something wrong with him/her, so a trip to the vet might be in order.

theGracegirl said...

This is a funny post. Man, am I glad we don't have a cat!

Oh, and I think we used those vinyl tiles as a kitchen floor in our old house. They were like peel-and-stick linoleum. Really cool.

I know don't comment much, but I do read. I just wanted to tell you that you have a cool blog.

And Home Depot rocks.