Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Everyone is a Winner

I've mentioned before how much I enjoyed the different styles incorporated by each of my contest entrants. Lisa, the Bitter Knitter, used a contemporary string of images and phrases to plead her case:

brazen monkey emboldened by the
bottle you clasp
hoist eagerly to your
dipful sipful lips full of booze
bestow on me that mass of string
that Trekking which eludes my grasp
that my toes might clench its colors
my fingers delight as it passes through
onto my most pointy of sticks

Plus, she called me a brazen monkey. That's always good for something.

Lisa will receive two balls of Knit Picks Sock Memories in the Carnival colorway. 100% Merino, 50 grams/192 yards each.


Leone, of the
Land Unknown Blog, took a different approach. She also used a great deal of images, but this time they are used to create first a sense of overwhelming frustration followed by the order and comfort she feels knowing that her knitting is there to calm her.


I cannot be still
here in my bed
with my cats
curled at my feet
I can't sleep

My mind is torn up in fragments
I hear my angry voice outloud
the past scraps of my day,
this past week
are tangled tight and fierce

The moth-eaten sweat-stained acrylic jerk
who tells others lies about me-
the mind numbing garter stitch afghan of work-
the messy tangled nylon fright that is my bedroom-
the ends are all lost
inside of my head.

And then I remember and
I turn on my lamp and
I rise and walk over
to my knitting.
It's all there.

My Mother's turquoise mohair spun soft.
My Father's patriotic red and white scarf.
My sister's purple silk and my best friend's
pure white eygtian cotton shawl.

These form the mosiac shell
that illuminate against my needles
covers me as I rest
slide stitches into memories
keeps me here
my finger's can't forget
and I sleep.


I love that. My knitting is such a comfort to me, too, even if I'm not even working on anything, I know it is there, and I know the love and care that has gone into each piece.

For her efforts, Leone will receive a ball of OnLine Supersocke 100, which is 45% Baumwolle, 40% Schurwolle, and 15% Polyamid. It's 100 grams/380 meters. I love this rainbow colorway, and I hope she does, too.


I'll post the remaining two entries soon. I'll leave you with this:

Chaka says there's nothing quite like a box.


Leone said...


Kniterella said...

Brooke-you've been an inspiration! Is the giveaway a thinly veiled way to minimize your stash so you can go purchase more?

Shelley said...

Hi Brooke, just wondering if you know if Knitty has posted the corrections for the size 6 Reid sweater. I know people were finding that it was ending up too large, and this is the size that I want to make for my friend's daughter. I don't want to start it unless I have the right instructions. I thought maybe you might know if they've been corrected. It's such a beautiful pattern and will look sweet on my friend's daughter.

Karla said...

Chaka makes me chuckle. Reminds me of my Tipper who, no matter how small the box, WILL curl himself in it and promptly go to sleep!