Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend, Part III

If it takes any longer between posts, I might as well start calling it the Fourth of July Weekend series. Work has kept me reeling the past week or so, which is why I haven't been quicker to the punch.

I know you're on pins and noodles to hear what else happened, though, so... off we go.

Sunday night saw the completion and felting of my entrelac bag. Monday morning dawned bright and beautiful, with an almost dry market bag. (It has since become completely dry, and goes most everyplace with me. It's next to perfect. I've already picked colors for my next one.)

We had a slow start to the morning, with delicious home-made French toast made with delicious home-made bread (thanks, Mom!), then packed up to head to Amish Country. Since Sew-Krazy wasn't open on Memorial Day, Nicole had suggested Berlin, instead.

We wandered the shops looking for yarn and fabric and souvenirs, perusing crafts and antiques and just about everything you might think you'd find in kitschy craft stores.

Mom and Kimmie were right at home and remained quite patient while...

Nicole and I went back to the antique barn to check out this spinning wheel, which Nicole bought. Pretty spiffy, no? We got it home to find out that one piece was broken, and it was missing two other pieces. However, the broken part has already been fixed and Nicole is looking for the missing pieces on the internet. Even though it has its problems, it's a beautiful wheel and I can't wait to hear how the spinning goes.

I found some really cool grape lights, which Mom bought for me. (Thanks again, Mom!) My biggest concern now is what to put them in, and where to put them so that the kids won't try to eat them. I thought these were really neat. Maybe I ought to invest in a wine rack to drape them over, like the display in the store. And then I could buy some wine to put in the wine rack, and I'd be all yuppy and stuff. Or maybe not.

We ate lunch in a fancy Amish-style place, then skipped the cheese factory (Awwwww!) so that we could head back to Wooster and Cincinnati in a timely fashion.

It was a fantastic weekend surrounded by fantastic people in fantastic places. There were certain key people missing (you know who you are), but I doubt I could have had a better time.

For an alternate and additionally clever view of the weekend (and a CUTE picture of Midget), check out
Kimmie's blog for her perspective. Can you believe she finished her bag, too? (And Nicole started her bag on Monday and finished it the following Thursday. Overachiever. :)

Stay tuned. More good stuff soon.

P.B. Check this out. Yellow Springs. September 16 & 17. A Wool Gathering. I am SO there.


Brenda said...

That bag is the coolest bag ever. I thought it was neat before it was felted, but now that I see it felted, I feel little waves of jealousy running through my body.

Karen said...

Hey Brooke, I'm a fairly recent reader and live in the Cincy area. Thanks for the "blow by blow" on the fiber show. I wanted to go, but had other plans. Thanks also for the update on the Yellow Springs festival. I hope to make that one - missed it last year. Maybe I'll run into you. I'll be the one with the four kids in tow.

Lene Andersen said...

The bag is fantastic and the grape lights are... well. I want some. ;)

Kimmie said...

Yeah for Market Squares bag!! Yours looks awesome and still gives me happy memories of clown pants. We'll have to save our felting party for our next round of bags.