Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Oi! So much fun in Michiganland.

We went out for Indian food and had the cheesiest waiter ever.

We went to see Transformers! It was awesome. I wanted to stay to see it again.

We went to Threadbender Yarn Shop. Are you sitting down?

We. Didn't. Buy. Anything. *gasp!* I know. They even had the
Tofutsies color that I want. (I think it's 784, but it looks awful yellow online. It's lime green and white in person.) But... can't buy sock yarn. What have I done?

We... knitted? (Okay, Katherine didn't knit, but Brenda and I did.) (Don't worry, no yarn was harmed in the making of this photo.)

We saved a turtle. Knit Knack would have been proud. I'd never seen a turtle crossing the road before! Apparently this happens a lot in Michigan.

We went to the Ice Cream Caboose. (Look! It's a caboose! And they have ice cream!) Unfortunately, we had about $1.16 between us, and we didn't even check to see if that would have gotten us more than a napkin or two.

We admired the Snowmobile Crossing signs. Okay, I admired the snowmobile crossing signs. I guess they were old school for Brenda. I'd never seen those before either.

We went sight-seeing. (As if cabooses, turtles, and snowmobile signs weren't enough.) Here are some rocks with Brenda's toes for scale.

But mostly we just talked and laughed and played with the baby and talked and laughed and played with the baby some more. Wow, it was good. I wish I could have stayed a lot longer. I'm really hoping it isn't another year and a half before we can get together again.

Pssst... Brenda? Remember... There will be no survivors!


Kimmie said...

Wow! Those rocks are AMAZING!! I hope to go to Michigan one day and see some rocks with my own eyes....

~Tonia~ said...

Sounds like a great time. I can't believe that you all didn't buy any yarn. Wow now that is some self control.

Yes Brooke turtles do cross the road. LOL Come on out to the country. The cross here all the time.

(don't let Knit Knack read this part) ;)

Well that is if they don't get grabbed by people to make turtle soup.

Screaming Wendy said...

BFF, no sock yarn?!?! WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?!?!?!?!?

Brenda said...

I've come for your soul!

Actually, I've come to give it back. It's dirty.

We simply must do this again! You could come to WY and we could . . . Let's just meet in MI again. Or maybe we should meet on neutral ground. Like Rhinebeck!