Monday, July 2, 2007

Random Monday

Here's something you probably weren't expecting:

I can't wait for this movie.

If you spent any time growing up in the 80s, you should be on pins and noodles for this movie, too. I know it's in theaters starting tonight, but I won't get to see it for a couple of days (or weeks, who knows?), and I just can't wait.

Here's another good reason to see this movie. Hehe.

(Images Copyright 2007 Dreamworks, Paramount, and Hasbro. Click either picture for the official movie website.)

I even found my sole surviving childhood Transformer for the occasion. He's so cute. I mean, strong, and robot-like. Protect!


I worked at The Original Creative Festival in Sharonville on Saturday at the
Yarns & Fabrications booth. It was a big sewing, quilting, embroidering, creating-type show with lots of vendors and classes and demos and such. Our booth had a make-it-and-take-it activity where people could make a wet-felted wool pincushion. The lanolin in the wool is good for pins becuase it keeps them sharp and rust-free.

I made two (posing here with some of my thread collection). Each one is made from about half a yard of wool roving. You spread out the roving and make it wispy, then wrap it around itself until you have a nice little wispy ball of roving, then dunk it in water, squeeze it, work up a little lather with some soap, then manipulate the ball of wool in your hands (like shaping homemade meatballs) until it felts to the size you want. Try to rinse out most of the soap, then let it air dry. Voila!


I found the most perfect-est tape measure at the show. I love how his eyes go wonky when you pull the tape measure out.

Here he is posing with the perpetually knitting monkey who sits on a shelf in my bathroom. (It's funny, he's perpetually knitting, but his knitting never gets any longer. It's the perfect definition of the knitter's black hole. Poor monkey.)


~Tonia~ said...

Sounds like a great time with many great tings to gdo, make and buy.

KelInCal said...

We can't wait for the movie either! I don't think my son quite realizes the sheer magnitude involved, but he will once he sees it. We'll be seeing it sometime this week, fer sure.

Annabelle said...

That pin cushion idea is great! I'll have to give it a try. I'm guessing you just use hot water and some soap?

P.S. I feel better now that I know I'm not the only one still holding onto my Transformers.

Knitterary said...

I love the monkey tape measure! Great find. Thanks for the tips on jaywalkers. :)

Sherry said...

Saw the movie last night!!!! Loved it!!! Loved it!!!! Go see it-right now- GO!! HEHE

Brenda said...

I never really knew about transformers growing up, but I really want to see that movie! On the other hand, my husband, who still has hundreds of transformers in a box somewhere, has no interest in it.

We should totally go see it together!