Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Feeling The Pressure

You know how I like to organize my knitting projects... almost as much as I like knitting them. Well, I've been putting in quite a bit of thought about the knitting projects lately, and after a small amount of consideration, I've come to a conclusion.

I may have promised too much in too little time.

In the next five months, I need to complete 18 separate projects. Five baby sweaters, five pairs of socks, three seasonal turtle shells, three complete turtles, one store sample scarf, and my big green sweater.

Granted, I can spread the projects out over the next few months, but all 18 projects have to be completed by the end of November in order to meet their respective deadlines. For example, one baby sweater (a set, actually, with booties and a hat, too) is due at the end of July, one (five year old kid sweater, actually) by the end of August, one (newborn) some time in September, one (one year old) at the beginning of October, and the last (two year old) by the end of November. Seems pretty even.

But add in the crazy sock challenge that I've given myself and the continuous, insistent turtle demands, and I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

I've set a deadline for the finishing of the big green sweater, though: October 3, 2007. If I get it done by then, it will mean it only took me about ten and a half months to finish it. That's not too shabby for a Very First Sweater, maybe. And maybe we'll get some sweaterish weather in October and I'll be able to wear it.

Wish me luck.


Ugh. I have knitting crankiness today. I don't like being cranky on my blog, especially about knitting. So I'm going to write this vague little paragraph about a couple of things that I'm cranky about, and that will get it all out, and I won't have to be specific and/or hurt anyone's feelings because that's not what I'm all about. But I have knitting crankiness, and I'm trying to get over it.


I started a new sock last Friday night. It's the Small Capitals pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. It's a toe-up pattern, starting with an "easy toe" which I've never used before. It also has a gusset, which I've never done on a toe-up sock, and I'm pretty excited about getting to it. But I must have messed up somewhere, because I'm knitting the heel flap (which on a toe-up sock actually covers the bottom of your heel, not the back) and if I do as many rows as the pattern asks for, it will be way too long. I think I need to rip. As always, I really don't want to rip. If I don't rip, it won't fit. Frustrating.

I'm using Trekking in reds/browns (the color in the picture is a little brighter than the actual color). I'm also using my new Lantern Moon rosewood Sox Stix that my BFF Wendy got for me. I LOVE them.


Big good news tomorrow. I can't wait!


Screaming Wendy said...

Just think: when all of those projects are done, you can plan all of the projects that will make you cranky in the fall and winter!! AND by then your sock challenge will be almost over!!! AND I love the Rosewood Sox Stix that MY BFF gave me!!! AND we work at the same place!!!

bean said...

okay, now i feel like a bad sister in law. i don't want to pressure you. i will keep wearing my BEAUTIFUL socks (well, once it stops being actually hot here), with complete contentedness, without asking for more. and the two year old in november won't know if he doesn't get a sweater - he's clueless. :) maggie will be tougher to fool. anyway, that sock you are making is so cute! i love it!...but not for me, so don't try to make me any! you are too busy! haha

Joy said...

Yah. What Bean said. Kids 2 and under won't know if they were supposed to get a sweater and get something smaller instead... or get it late... or get *gasp* a store-bought gift. :) I learned through hard experience that your only real deadline with a baby is that they eventually outgrow the item you're knitting.

I really like how that sock is turning out -- it's very unique! You find the coolest patterns and yarn to try.

Barbara said...

I am just so pleased that you are showing a strong sense of responsibility toward the
R-E-E-E-L-Y critical, essential, top priority things, like clothes for Knit-Knack. The poor baby has nearly nothing to wear. Why, so far I have barely any reason to make anything larger than a
walk-in closet for his wardrobe! Your mother is so very proud of you, Sweetheart!

Oh, by the way, you've outdone yourself with the swimsuit!!! AND the beachball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annabelle said...

I know the feeling, I have a lot on my plate too. I think most knitters are feeling the 6 months until the holidays crunch right now.

Just breathe :)