Thursday, October 6, 2005

The Good, The Classes, & The Deadlines

The Good

Introducing the Coke Sweater (better than calling it the crack sweater, no?). The pattern is from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies and is probably my most oft-used baby sweater pattern. It's knit in one piece from the bottom of the front to the bottom of the back, and if you can get through the occasionally-tedious, life-consuming rows during the sleeves, you end up with a fabulous baby sweater. The pattern for the cashmere booties makes a very sweet match, if you can do it, but I haven't yet for this sweater.

One of the few friends I keep in touch with (if by "keep in touch" you mean "she sends me email all the time but I'm a slacker so I email sporadically at best") from high school had her first little one on September 29, and she's a cutie. See?

Her name is Lanea Mary, and if she's anything like her mom, she'll love all things
Coca-Cola. The sweater is sized 3-6 months so she'll be able to wear it when it's cold out. I used Reynolds Saucy 100% mercerized cotton.

My niece Maggie will have a baby brother sometime around the end of November, and these are his favorite colors. (Don't ask me how I know. It has to do with being the bestest aunt.) It was my very first time using ArtYarns Supermerino, and I highly recommend it. Incredibly soft, beautiful colors, crisp stitches. Lots of colorways... if you haven't used any yet, get some. Hat pattern here, adorable baby socks pattern here.

I. Love. These. Socks.
Pattern is from Elann and can be found
here. Even though this is the first sock, and it's not done yet, I'm posting pictures for Brenda, who is also knitting this pattern because, in her own words, "I tried the latest toe up sock pattern you sent me. (Yes, I have to do everything that you do.)" So I want her to see how mine are turning out. I'm using Lorna's Laces (also my first time with this yarn) in the Liberty colorway and I love the little color stripe that's working its way diagonally across the sock. The best part is that the two hanks of Lorna's that I got have different color patterns. The one I'm using for this sock goes blue-white-blue-white-red-red-white and so on. The other hank goes blue-white-red-white. I can't wait to see how the other sock turns out. And I hope the recipient (it's a secret! Don't tell Lanea's mom!) doesn't mind fraternal socks. Here's a closeup of the top of the foot. Aren't those cool stripes?

The Classes
So there's a new yarn store in town.
Yarns & Fabrications. I have the awesome privilege of being in on the deal, too. See, one of the co-owners of the store contacted me after I had a pattern published in Knitty, and now I'm teaching knitting classes at the store. In fact, last week before their grand opening, someone signed up for one of my classes! That's pretty exciting, since that was the first person to sign up for any of the knitting or quilting classes. I'll be teaching my Tychus hat, a fair isle earflap hat, and a simple children's sock pattern. The Tychus hat? No problem. The fair isle hat? Well...

Do you see the hat? No, not the red and white one on the paper. The other hat. The green one. See it? You don't? Yeah. That's the problem. That class starts on October 19. I probably need to have it in the store before then so people can see a sample. I'd like to have it in the store by October 11 when my Tychus class starts. But this hat is kicking my behind. I don't like the yarn... it seems much too skinny for a hat pattern. But I will persevere! Yes! I love the hat! (Someone help me!!!)

Here's the start of the sock for my sock class. The yarn is also Lorna's Laces in a colorway not surprisingly called "Rainbow". The word is that many of the other instructors at the shop want to take this class. That could be interesting.

The Deadlines
* Above mentioned fair isle hat for class: October 11
* Above mentioned children's socks for class: October 26
* Shoulder warmer/sweater for father with broken shoulder: November 2
* Alien illusion sweater (from SNB) for fiance who will die without it: November 12
* Brand new baby gifts and big-sister surprises: November 24
* Baby sweater for friends of the family: December sometime

We've not even begun thinking about Christmas presents here, folks.


skh said...

I think calling it the "crack sweater" adds meaning on any number of deeper levels. I vote for that.

Brenda said...

The coke sweater turned out very nicely and I love Calvin's socks and hat! (Is that still his name?)

Your Elann socks look cooler than mine. The colorway shows off the lace pattern very nicely. I just used some brown yarn I had. You can see the lace pattern but it's not very obvious.