Thursday, January 5, 2006

Cracking the WIP

The good thing about only having a few blog readers is that your prize winners are usually easily accessible. Here's Kimmy with her prizes in tow:
The prize for winning the contest included two balls of Rowan Wool Cotton in a deep pink shade, and the magazine Knit Simple, which apparently is Vogue Knitting's new attempt at knitcoolness. The prize for answering the contest in the form of a haiku is the skein of Lamb's Pride Bulky in black. Doesn't she look so happy? Yay Kimmy! There will likely be another contest here at Chez Drunken Monkey next week, so stay tuned.

And the proof of the pudding? Here's Leslie to model the completed earflap hat:
She looks just like Vanna, no? I think the hat turned out pretty nice, and I'm pleased as punch that it's finished. I don't have reason to go to the yarn store until a week from today, but I'm tempted to take it up early just to show them that it's actually completed. Go me!

This whole contest, though, made me think. I apparently have quite a few Works In Progress waiting to be picked up again. This blog has only been in existence for a little over three months, and you all had plenty of options for the comeback project. I'm not in a hurry to finish the gansey, since I'm not making that for any reason other than to make it. The Cherry Tree Hill socks would be fun, but since they've been completely frogged and re-wound, I'm not feeling any pressure there, either. No one even mentioned the Lorna's Laces Liberty socks, which I should really get busy on, since I only have half a sock to go. The Greek mittens? They're beautiful, but I don't have a recipient in mind, and I can still feel all the tiny little holes I poked in my fingers by using those tiny little needles.

And... I'm not even going to mention all the unfinished projects that haven't even made it onto the blog. (Like the felted piano cozy. Oh wait, that DID make it onto the blog. I mean, for as much as it's unfinished. And by unfinished, I mean unstarted. And by unstarted, I mean
Brenda is crazy.)

So I suppose I'm just going to have to live with the pain of the WIPs. It's not like I'm going to make some silly resolution that I have to finish all the projects that have been started before I can start something new. Did I mention I've started a lace shawl?


Brenda said...

If you didn't have 8,000 works in progress, you wouldn't be a true knitter. Or maybe you just wouldn't be completely crazy.

BTW, I would have guessed the Liberty socks if I hadn't known about the piano cozy. And by known about the piano cozy, I mean I'm a little froot loop.

Kimmy said...

Wow - what gorgeous models you have for your blog. Where did you find them - beauty school? Ha ha - I'm HILARIOUS. Hilarious and bored. Get me out of here.

Joy said...

I almost guessed the Liberty socks, but I knew you had one done and were really far on the 2nd one a long time ago, so I thought you might have already finished them.

Your models rock... and so does the prize! congrats to Kimmy!

Can't wait til the next contest!

Got any photos of the lace shawl? You posted two different patterns that you liked awhile back. Not too surprised!