Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Happy Haik-new Year

the comeback project
is not socks, Cherry Tree Hill
or otherwise, but...

the comeback project
IS off the needles, hurrah!
the contest? still on.

(Brenda, the felted
piano cozy is not
a viable guess.)

contest guesses in
haiku, if correct, will earn
you an extra prize.

the contest will run
until someone gets it right
or until friday.


the gloves of my dreams
now on the tiny needles
soon will warm my hands


Bubby from Knitty
completed on New Year's Eve
went home with Brenda


small hanging sweater
needs only a pair of sleeves
then Sadie gets it


Happy New Year, all.
back to normal tomorrow.
don't miss the contest!


Brenda said...

You should feel no shame.
Everyone wants a felted
Piano cozy.

ktdig said...

greek pattern mittens
make pretty, stylish and warm
both your chilly hands

Joy said...

cute mini gansey
orange detail sweater
warms a lucky cat

Joy said...

argh! ever try to write haiku while someone keeps grabbing your mouse? you'd miss a syllable in your poem too! (thanks a lot Anna - leave the fascinating light-up optical mouse alone!)

let's try that again.

cute mini gansey
orange detail amazes
warms a lucky cat

Joy said...


how's come YOU get to see Brenda and I don't! No fair! I was in town at New Years!

Kimmy said...

Green Fair Isle Hat
So troublesome at one time
Now complete delight

(and I say Isle is two syllables)