Monday, January 9, 2006

A Frog, a Blog, and a Dog

Well, there's not much knitting news to report. I haven't touched the gloves, I worked briefly on Sadie's sleeves, and the lace shawl I started is now a pile of laceweight yarn, since I couldn't even go a whole repeat (54 rows) without messing up, and since I don't have the pattern down enough to tink back and fix things, I just ripped the whole thing out. It's the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, and I'm using the KnitPicks Shadow in Sunset. I'm still going to make it, I just need to start over and get going on it. Was there something else I was working on?

Surprisingly, comeback project #2 seems to be Anthony's sweater, which I have yet to mention on the blog. January must be the month for it, since this is about the time of year when I started the thing last year. Over the weekend I started the right front side (it's a ribbed cardigan), then had to rip it out, then started it again, and I have about four inches finished. I have the left side and one and a half sleeves finished. I need to finish that sleeve, finish the right front, and make the back. I wonder how far I'll get on it this time.

In more exciting news, there's a new blog to promote! My sister-in-law has started a blog to show off photos and tell stories about my beautiful niece and baby nephew. If you want to check it out, you can find it here. I've also put a link to it in my sidebar.

Also, Brenda got a dog! Her name is Sally, and she's adorable.
Go check her out!

This probably won't be a big knitting week, since I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday nights for my real job, and I have a sock class Thursday night. That doesn't leave much time for getting anything accomplished. I'll try to start contest #2 tomorrow. See you then.


Brenda said...

So how much do you have to do on Anthony's sweater?

Since your "real job" is taking away your evening knitting time I don't see any problem with moving evening knitting to daytime knitting.

Joy said...

Or you could start through-the-night knitting. Who needs sleep anyway?

Ooooo....a sock class? Perhaps I'll go haunt you there Thursday and work on my sock. Wait. I don't have any spending money this month, thank to the state of New Jersey. Wanna come over for dinner? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*