Friday, January 20, 2006

It's Brenda's Birthday!!!

In honor of Brenda's birthday, I've written her this poem.


Ode to Brenda

I can tell the world your age
When you are turning only thirty
At least I think I can, if not,
Too bad, I can't edit this entry.

Dear Brenda, you are my closest friend
But not in proximity.
For you live outside of Memphis,
And me outside of Cincinnati.

Dear friend, you taught me to knit and purl.
Without you there’d be no Drunken Monkey.
The world would be a sad and lonely place,
So gracias, danke, thankee most kindly.

There are so many wonderful memories
That we've had, you-n-me,
If I sat and wrote them all,
I'd be typing till you're ninety!

Yay! Happy Birthday Brenda!!


In knitting news, I recently found out that
my niece's feet are slightly larger than my own, so it should be easy to size socks for her. This is good to know.

In other knitting news, I went to teach the second half of my sock class last night, and my sole student (get it? *SOLE* student? heh...) came in with her friend, and... she had already turned the heel! And she had done an amazing job, and I was suitably impressed, and she didn't even want to threaten me with the little pointy sticks anymore! I was really glad she got past the frustrated beginning sock knitter part and is enjoying the little needles now. She even bought more sock yarn and is going to join sock club with her friend. Yay!

In other knitting news, knitting is fun. You should try it. Four out of five dentists recommend you not use worsted weight yarn for floss. Speaking of dentists...

A man walked into a dentist's office and said, "Can you help me? I think I'm a moth."

The dentist said, "You don't need a dentist. You need a psychiatrist."

"Yes, I know," the man said.

The dentist asked, "So then why did you come in here?"

The man replied, "The light was on.”


beatknit said...

I'm stealing the moth joke. I have some psychologist friends that I will torment. Good to see another Brooke knitter! Brookes RULE!

Kimmy said...

Oh Brooke, Brooke, Brooke,
The moth joke again? Our groans and moans when you told it at work were not enough for you? Well anyway - I'm glad it makes you happy - and I loved the segue (spelling?) into the joke. That was priceless!

Brenda said...

You are forbidden to ever again mention my age on your blog, funny poem or not.

It is a wonderful poem. Thank you.