Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Don'tcha Hate It?

Don't you hate it when you're knitting along, and all of a sudden you realize you've been doing the wrong thing for the entire row, and you're going to have to rip it out and redo it, but instead of ripping it out, you stop where you are and throw the project back in the bag, so disgusted with yourself for getting it wrong that you determine you're not good enough to be allowed to continue working on that project... only to wake up in the morning and realize that you had actually been doing that row correctly, and you didn't mess up nearly as badly as you had assumed, if at all, and you should really take the opportunity to pick up the project again, and reassure yourself that it's not so bad, but you don't have time because you have to go to work, so you shove the project in your work bag and hope you'll have time to get to it some time between working at the office and going to your evening meeting, because you know you're going to get home late... again... and not have much time to work on the project when you get home, even though you really want to because it's a new yarn and a new project and those are your very favorite things in the whole entire world?

(The best part about that sentence is that there are at least two English teachers who read this blog, and I can just see their heads spinning! Muhahahahahahahahahaha!!!)

Anyway, don't you? I'm working on Shedir from
Knitty's special edition, with some Rowan Calmer in Peacock. It's a gift. I'm not saying for whom. I'm just into the cable chart, and I think everything will be okay. I love this yarn. Soft and stretchy. It's 75% cotton and 25% acrylic (and it's actually the type of yarn recommended for the pattern! Gasp!). I think the hat is beautiful. I have some more of the same yarn (in Coffee Bean) on its way to make a second one if I end up loving the pattern. Pictures forthcoming when the hat looks picture-worthy.


The contest is still on! Comment early and comment often! I've gotten a ton of good name ideas already. I thought it was going to be easy when only Joy had commented. I had the name picked out of all of her suggestions, but then Kimmy posted, and Kate, and Brenda... and I have at least one favorite from each. All of them can continue to suggest names if they think of more, and I'm hoping I'll get even more ideas through Friday. Remember, the winning name will be announced on Monday!

(I think I convinced Anthony not to suggest the entire list of popular cat names from's pet index. Sheesh.)


Brenda said...

Ok, here are more names then: Schnoots, Lloyd, Angus, and Tink.

You know you have to pick Angus. You HAVE to. (I too have picked out a favorite from the names suggested and unfortunately, it isn't one of mine.)

It is awesome to think you made a mistake and then realize you didn't and be really glad you didn't freak out and rip out the whole thing when you first thought you had made a mistake because that would really suck when you realized you hadn't made a mistake. Totally.

brooke t. higgins said...

My mom says:
I would suggest Phantom for Newcat ... but you rejected that before and I can't imagine you would use it now either. So I think Benson would be good or Cyrus or Muscatel. Get it ... MusCATel? Tee Hee!

Joy said...

I believe run-on sentences have a useful and valuable place in literature. Well, perhaps your blog doesn't qualify as literature. But I think you used this technique effective. So Boo on your English teacher readers (and huge hugs too!).

Tink - what a great name! In honor of our least-favorite but most-common knitting past-time!

Is this cat a female? Angus is definitely NOT a girl name, Brenda. If it was, it would be a very unfortunate girl. And Newcat is not unfortunate. She is a very lucky cat.