Wednesday, January 4, 2006

We Have a Winner!!!

It's been a busy week here at the Drunken Monkey, what with the start of a new year, and our very first contest, and all of the excitement that brings. Despite what looks like a comment spammer *coughjoycough*, though, I want to assure you that it's just a crazed fan looking for some attention.

Ah, but yes, we do have a winner of the blog's premeire contest. We here at Drunken Monkey were pleased and amused by the guesses made yesterday. Y'all are willing to go the extra mile for the prize, and your efforts did not go unnoticed by our staff members.

Brenda, how many times do I have to tell you? If you want a felted piano cozy, you're going to have to knit it yourself.

Kate, the
greek mittens! What a great guess! But unfortunately it's incorrect. I'm still stuck with the first mitten, and it still doesn't have a thumb. How sad.

Joy, I had such plans for that
mini gansey. The day I took the class, I came home and was on fire!!! But it got stuck at the top... I have yet to finish off the shoulders, and I haven't even started thinking about the sleeves. I'm a total slacker. New yarns and new projects come along and I just toss the old ones to the side. For shame.

So who, then, could the winner be???

*insert bells and whistles and random fanfare here*
That's right. Our very own Kimmy has guessed correctly. The comeback project is the green fairisle earflap hat!!! You can see pictures of it in progress here, here, and here. And because I'm a slacker, I don't have any pictures of it completed!!! I promise to take some and show them tomorrow. I totally finished the hat on Monday night, and I'm so excited. We abandoned the class back in October because the hat just seemed too tedious and complex to make a successful class, but the store has a ton of the pattern kits, so the owners still wanted a sample in the store to hopefully sell the kits. I took the almost-completed hat in last Thursday and Lori was really impressed. She told me she figured I had abandoned the project long ago. But no! It's done! And again, I promise I'll show pictures tomorrow to prove it.
Here's Kimmy's winning haiku:
Green Fair Isle Hat
So troublesome at one time
Now complete delight
And she's absolutely right. Congratulations, Kimmy! We'll have to discuss your prize(s!) through the cube one of these days.
We now return once again to our regularly scheduled programming. You may now tell me how much you love all the other projects I showed you yesterday, and fawn over the adorable three-month-old daughter of my friend Jen in her Coke sweater.


Kimmy said...

Thank you...Thank you!
And now for my acceptance speach. It all began on a warm summer night in 1979 in that hip-happenin' town - Kansas City when I entered the world and choirs of angels sang....
Oh fine. I'll cut to the chase. I'm so proud! My life's work is now complete - I won a Brooke Higgins contest!
Okay - now that I have been obnoxious enough I'll end my post. Thanks Brooke!

Brenda said...


If you would give me your piano I would make it a felted cozy.

Well, maybe not a felted cozy. I don't have a washing machine big enough to felt a piano cozy. But I would keep my piano cozy somehow!

Piano hater.

Joy said...

I can't possibly be a comment spammer - I entered the word verification and everything! Plus I wrote no sneaky and not-so-subtle sales pitches.

I think the mini-gansey would be a great Comeback Project of the Year Part Deux.

Brenda, if you felted each piece of the piano cozy and then assembled them, it might work. How many balls of yarn do you think it would take? 20? 40?