Friday, October 14, 2005

15 Minutes, Part 2

Part 2

So the other part of my 15 minutes of fame is that I had a knitting pattern published back in June. Lots of people that read this blog already know that. (Not that there's lots of people that read this, but you know what I mean.) Anyway, this was very exciting for me. It was the first pattern that I had come up with on my own, and it was the first pattern that I had published. I had no idea what the ramifications would be, though.

I've gotten tons of emails from people all over the world who like my hat and who have questions about my hat and who want to use my hat for various things. From knitting it in baby sizes to selling them to benefit charities to wanting to use pictures in a different magazine, everyone that I hear from has been very, very positive.

Since some people had mentioned pictures of their hats on their blogs, I went and Googled 'tychus knit' to see if there were any others out there. There were! I found a ton of variations on the pattern, beautiful colors, different sizes, different stripe widths, new edgings... an amazing amount of creativity based on one simple pattern. In fact, I only found one negative review. I promptly forgot it. (Not really, but she's entitled to her opinion, right? Cranky snob. Okay, I don't mean it. No grudges.)

So the best part about the whole thing? Well, other than the thrill of seeing my name in print and the copyright, I was contacted early in the summer by a yarn store that was opening nearby and wanted to know if I was interested in being involved. No hesitations here... I went to a couple different planning meetings, signed up to teach classes, and I'm even working in the shop about once a month.

The store is called Yarns & Fabrications. It's in the sidebar (the website isn't much yet, but more will be coming soon, I'm certain), and I've mentioned it at least a couple times on the blog already. The owners, Joy and Lori, are wonderful people with a great vision. All of the instructors I've met so far are amazingly talented people with a lot to offer. There are a bunch of quilting and knitting classes planned for this quarter and I can't wait to take some myself! The people who work in the store are very knowledgeable and kind. I'm so excited to be a part of this store!

This past Tuesday (October 11) I had my first class. It was a class on how to knit Tychus, and I had two wonderful ladies show up to learn the hat. One had been knitting for a long time but short rows had always eluded her. The other had just recently learned to knit and was ready for something beyond scarves. I had a great night. I love the little tag they put on the hat for people to take the class. If I'd get the other samples done for my other classes, they'd probably make cute tags for them, too.

Anyway, I get to work in the store tomorrow, and I have plans for some purchases as well. I have to support my habit, er, the store, you know. I'll show you what I got on Monday.


Last but certainly not least, hi Brenda!!! Get your blog up soon, please!!!

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amandamonkey said...

Hi Brooke! Thanks for sending along your blog address. I totally Blogline-d you.

I look forward to following your stitch adventures.