Monday, October 24, 2005

Knitting Party

I'd like to introduce you to two brand new knitters.

This is Devona. She's not only a brand new knitter, but she hosted the knitting party Friday night. We had a record number in attendance (7!), plus a baby and two very fiber-friendly young ladies. Devona finally got tired of me telling her I didn't have time to make ponchos for her girls and decided to take the needles into her own hands. Devona had been working on her knit stitches for a while and doing quite well when she asked for someone to teach her the diamond stitch. The practiced knitters in the room looked at one another somewhat confused until one of us ventured, "Do you mean the purl stitch?" We all giggled as Devona confessed, "I like diamonds better than pearls."

This is Jessica. Jessica didn't even know she was coming to the party, let alone that she was going to learn to knit. However, despite the yarn issues (thin/thick, boucle-ey), Jessica was quite successful with both knitting and purling. Impressively, Jessica thinks knitting takes less concentration than beading, and she doesn't have to lay out a plan beforehand. Ha... just wait until you start designing lace, Jess.

These two you may remember from an earlier post. Kim (left), who poses for candid photos, and Leslie, who is seen working on her first pair of baby bootees. I love it when people branch out past scarves.

Here's Erin and Ben. Erin knits, Ben not-so-much. Erin didn't knit at the knitting party, but my job is to come up with some more assignments for her so she can get more practice for the next knitting party. Ben mainly sat around and did his job of looking adorable. He's really good at it.

Kate doesn't knit (yet). She came for the food, the hot office gossip, and the knitters' ambiance. She hopes to learn to knit through observation. It shouldn't be too much longer before we can get needles into her hands.

I was the seventh in attendance. I finished the first child's sock (picture tomorrow) and worked on my dad's shoulder sweater. I worked two rows of my Mango Moon Cozy and then flubbed the next row, tinked back, and put it away. I also gave away mondo amounts of yarn. Two ladies from work had given me yarn they didn't have use for, so I added that to some of my stash that I didn't want/need anymore, and gave over half of it away at the party. The rest will probably go on ebay.

Yesterday I cut out fabric for my nappy bag class, plus cut out fabric for another nappy bag, and started sewing the second nappy bag last night. I should finish it tonight, but no pictures, since it's a present for someone who reads the blog. I have plans for a third one, though, and I can show pictures of the class bag and the third bag whenever they are finished. It's a fun pattern. Lots of pieces to cut out, and three yards of lining fabric is really about 3 inches too short. C'est la vie.

Lastly, please keep this little one in your thoughts. She's been getting sicker since last week, and this morning she was not doing well. I'll be taking her to the vet this afternoon, and I'll let you know what I find out.

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