Friday, October 7, 2005


Here are a few finished objects for your viewing pleasure.

This sweater is from Kids, Kids, Kids: 40 Winning Patterns from the Knitter's Magazine Contest. I am enamored with the sweater on the cover of that book even though I haven't knit it yet, and there are only a couple other patterns from the book that I would even consider, since many of them are dated or just plain ugly. This sweater was a gift for a coworker who had a baby earlier this summer. Her twins got pink and blue sweaters a year and a half ago (in the same pattern as yesterday's Coke Sweater), but Michelle needed a sweater to call her very own. Yarn is Rowan Wool Cotton (another favorite) in the lavender shade, plus a white 100% cotton edging.

This is the Accordion cardigan from Knitty, made for my niece's third birthday this past August. Sources have told me that she loves the sweater, enough not to want to take it off even when the weather isn't conducive to cardigan-wearing. That's what Annie Grook likes to hear. However, I'm still waiting on pictures of said niece wearing said sweater (hint, hint, Marysville-Momma...), but I can be patient for a while longer. Yarn is KnitPicks Shine in Grass, Blush, and Cream. Not bad for the first zipper in a knitted item.

I'm going to have to come up with some more creative places to pose my finished objects, I can tell.

Last spring, a small group of friends from work started having knitting parties every month or so, and in July we combined our knitting party with my friend Brenda's bridal shower. I believe it was officially called the Bridal Knitting Shower Party Extravaganza! We had an incredibly fun time going out for Indian food and then knitting at a small coffee shop.

That's Joy on the left, then Kimmie, Leslie, and the bridal-iscious Brenda on the far right.
I wish I could sit and knit on that porch every day.

There's Kimmie and Leslie again, knitting away.
From left, it's Joy, Brenda, and myself.

Amazing concentration, no?

Lastly, as promised...

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