Monday, October 17, 2005

Under the Mango Moon

Things I did at the yarn store on Saturday:

1. Put store sticker labels on yarn labels.
2. Put yarn away on shelves.
3. Took the yarn tour.
4. Played with the three year old daughter of one of the owners.
5. Pulled the earflap hat (from hell) class from the books.
6. Signed up for a nappy bag sewing class.
7. Looked for fabric for said nappy bag.
8. Entered names from the guest book into the store database.
9. Ran the cash register.
10. Slid a credit card receipt under the cash drawer instead of into it.
11. Helped customers choose yarn.
12. Helped one customer choose $210 (!!) worth of yarn.
13. Was reintroduced to the knitted cast on.
14. Was rebuked for favoring the long-tail cast on.
15. Signed up for a knitted gansey class.
16. Helped cut fabric for customers and quilts.
17. Showed off my double pointed needle holder.
18. Was completely out of dress code.
19. Bought two skeins of Mango Moon recycled rayon.
20. Bought the book
Knit One, Kill Two.
21. Found the cutest
Holiday Knits book.
22. Worked on my child's sock for my class.
23. Drooled over some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in autumn colors.
24. Learned how to use a swift and ball winder.
25. Saw a lady I know from my other job.
26. Poured out the coffee no one drank.
27. Made a fresh pot.
28. Poured out the coffee no one drank.
29. Changed the paper towels in the bathroom.
30. Got entered into the store's database with a 20% discount.

That's mostly it. If I think of any more, I'll add them later. It was a really good day, though. Some of the day I felt like I was in the way, but some of the day I felt really useful. I'm sure the more I work, the more useful I'll feel.

Here's a close up of the Mango Moon recycled rayon that I bought. I'll be making
this with it. I've started it, but I'll wait until I have more progress before I show you. I'll certainly need more than two skeins, but I'll be purchasing a skein or two at a time because of the cost. Plus, I'm making this for me, so it's not as high on the priority list.

There's a meeting October 30th to talk about classes for winter. I'll probably be teaching another sock, maybe something with a lace pattern or just a lace technique class, and we'll try the earflap hat again. That way I'll be able to finish it and get it displayed in the store. One of the owners would like me to have a sock club on every other Saturday or so, teaching basic sock techniques and then progressing to more complicated sock patterns and having people come in for help with their socks. The new newsletter should be out on December 1.

Sunday I turned the heel and finished the gusset on sock #1 for my class. The heel is my favorite part of making socks. There's a special satisfaction in it. Plus, it means the sock is at least halfway done. Yup. Heels are cool.

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Brenda said...

What's wrong with the continental cast on?! I am incensed, irritated, and slightly riled.

I love the yarn. It will make a beautiful shawl.

I'm glad you postponed the hat and didn't give up on it completely.