Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sobe's 10th Anniversary

(Part 2 tomorrow. Busy today. Drink Sobe.)

For a while there, I was a big Sobe drinker. I had at least one every day. I tried all the different flavors. Anthony and I saved the caps for a long time, and then sold them for seven bucks on eBay. Then Sobe stopped making some of my favorite flavors (orange carrot & strawberry carrot specifically) and now we don't drink Sobe as often. Sure, now and then nothing beats a Green Tea, and I try to try the new flavors if I see them, but Sobe is now not much more than an occasional luxury.

In honor of Sobe's decaversary, I provide you with the following:

SoBe Under the Cap slogans from 1995 to the present.

A Fist full of Lizards
Alotta Lizarda
Apocalizard Now
As Seen On TV
Band of Lizards
Bare Naked Lizards
Be the Lizard Danny
Been Niffed?
Bet You $1.00 He Drinks It.
Big Air
Boycott Lizard Burgers
But...But...You're Green!
Can You Smeeellll What The Lizard IS Cookin!
Carve This
Che' Lizardo
Crouching Tiger Hidden Lizard
Drain the Lizard
Do Your Homework
Drink With Odditude
Dude Where's My SOBE?
End Lizard Profiling
Et-Tu Lizardo?
Fear & Lizards in Las Vegas
Full Metal Lizard
Get stronger, Last Longer
Coach Lizard
Lizards Go Long
...But They Cant Eat Us
Rudy Who?
Win One For The Lizard
The Longest Lizard
Beaver Beater
The 12th Lizard
George W. Lizardo
Get Stronger Last Longer
Green Zone
Gimmie My Yohimbe
Give Me Lizards or Give Me SOBE
Go Herbal
Good Lizard Hunting
Good To The Last Lizard
Got Lizards?
Green is Good
Have Lizard will Travel
Have you hugged a Lizard Today?
Hey Lizard, Lizard, Lizard
H TO The Lizzo
If You Drain It They Will Come
Imagine All The Lizards
I Love The Smell Of Lizards In The Morning
It's all good
It's Linoleum
It's SoBe Time!
It's Still in the Crate
I've Often Thought Of Becoming A Lizard / 4
I Want to hold your Lizard
Jay And Silent Lizard
Just drain it
Last Lizards In Paris
Life is a Lizard
Life, Liberty And The Pursuit of Lizards
Light My Lizard
Lizard Blizzard
Lizard Gear (1-800-588-0548)
Lizards Gone Wild
Lizard King
Lizard Lax
Lizard Lightning
Lizard Lips
Lizard Lounge
Lizard Pie
Lizard Of Unusual Size
Lizard Zen
Lizardo Dicaprio
Lizards Down in Front
Lizards Enlighten
Lizards Last Longer
Lizards Love Tacos
Lizards never tasted this Good
Lyzyrd Skynyrd
Longer & Stronger
Long John Lizard
Made For The Best Lizards On Earth
Merchant Of The Mekong Delta
Mighty Tasty
Mind, Body, Lizard
Mongo Like SOBE
Mounties Eat Lizards Eh?
Mr. Green
Munch On This
Natural Born Lizards
No Drain No Gain
Parfait Lezard
Peace, Love, Lizards
Pinball Lizard
Power, Wisdom, Energy
Raging Lizard
Recycle The Lizard
Ride Hard, Stay Hard / 11
Saving Private Lizard
Scaled For Your Pleasure
Seize This Honkus
Semper Lizardo
Shag A Lizard
Shocka Lizard
SOBE a Hero
SOBE And The City
SOBE Healthy Refreshment
Sobe or Get Off The Pot
Sobe The Money
Sobe Wan Kenobe
Stiffler's Mom
Stupid Is As Simple Does
Tastes Great...Feels Better
Team Ebos
Team Lizard
Team Lizard-Boarding
The Few, The Proud, The Lizards
The Full Lizard
The Good, The Bad, The Lizards
The Joy Of SoBe
The Lizards are Loose
The Lizard From The Black Lagoon
The Other White Meat
The Perfect Lizard
The Talented Mr. Green
These Lizards are For You
They Can Beat Us But They Can't Eat Us
Tour De Lizard
Tour De Lezardo
Trey Lizardo
Throw Yogurt
Viva Lizardo's
We Are Huge
We Came, We Saw, We Drained
Who's Your Lizard
Why Gum a Gumby When You Can Lick A Lizard?
With Malice Towards None And Lizards For All
You Can't Handle The Lizard
Feel The Goo
Goo Bee, Goo Bee, Goo
It's All Goo
Gotta Goo
Do The Goo
All Roads Lead To Goo
Drain The Lizard
Samuel L Lizard
P.S. I Love Goo
Goo-Goo Ga-Ga
Got Goo?
Me Tarzan, You Goo
Just Goo It
Dr. Feel Goo
Lady Goo Diva
The Donger Needs Love Bus Brew
Be Goo Or Be Gone
Goo Fellas
Stop And Goo
Life Is Goo
One Nation Under Goo
Ready Set Goo
May The Goo Be With You
Shake Your Goo!


skh said...

Yea, I always knew you actually were doing something.

Anonymous said...

i got "Scorch Muffins" once