Friday, December 9, 2005

Don't Mock the White Death

The first half of the prediction came true. We closed the office shortly after yesterday's post, and it took me an hour and 20 minutes to make the 20 mile commute home. Most of that time was spent less than three miles from my apartment. I was lucky, however. The average time for the after-work commuter yesterday was between three and four hours. This picture was taken out the back door of my apartment building. There's usually a lake there, by the way. Unfortunately, the second half of the prediction didn't come to pass, so I'm back at work today, even though most schools are closed. I suppose I'm happy the roads are clear(er).

I missed out on a trip to Joy's house last night for dinner and crafting because of the weather, and when I told Brenda about it, she said she had called the white death upon us because she's jealous of when Joy and I spend time together. I thought that was pretty rude of her. I mean, if she hadn't moved to Tennessee, we wouldn't have this problem. Anyway, the kids watched me straighten* the living room and cut some fabric and sew some stuff last night while the snow glistened happily outside. They look utterly thrilled in the picture, no? Don't worry, they aren't about to kill me, they had just woken up. Silly fluffballs.

(*By "straighten", I mean, "move stuff out of the way so I can put more stuff there.")

Anyway, there should be some significant house cleaning** over the weekend, plus some more sewing, plus some significant knitting progress, enough so that I should have plenty to show you (maybe) on Monday. Cross your fingers! (Okay, now you can uncross them, because I know you can't knit with crossed fingers. Silly.)

(**By "cleaning", I mean, "put most of the stuff away where it belongs so that I can actually walk through the house without tripping over stuff and inventing new dancing/jumping moves.")

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