Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Shoulder Sweater Success

First of all, I had a marvelous Christmas. It was spent with Mom, Dad, Midget, Aunt Karyl Lynn, and Mikey. There was SO much good food, a sprinkling of snow, plenty of presents, and a ton of love and hugs. I really enjoyed a relaxing time at my parents' house.

And the shoulder sweater? It was a success!
I'm pretty sure that after he opened it, he only took it off once to change his shirt underneath, and otherwise kept the sweater on constantly while I was home. One of the things that happened during the conditioner bath was that the sleeve got significantly longer. When I pointed that out to Dad, he said, "That's okay, sometimes my hand gets cold, too!" He's so supportive. He really likes it, and I think it looks pretty good on him, too. Photo credit goes to my mom, who got a brand new Kodak EasyShare digital camera and printer dock from Santa. This is one of her very first pictures using her new camera.

One of the most entertaining parts of Christmas day was when Midget got her presents. Midget is a beautiful Shih Tzu royalty whose dominion includes the entirety of my parents' property. I had gotten her two little rope toys at Target for Christmas, and when it was her turn to open her present, I handed the package to Dad, told him it was for Midget, and asked if he wanted to help her open it. As soon as she heard it was for her, she left the tissue paper she had been shredding on the floor and ran over, grabbed the package out of his hand, and carried it off to the middle of the floor. The following ensued:

The pouncing begins.

Pausing for a wrapping paper snack.

Ripping off the ends...

...and enjoying the spoils! Since she went for the white rope first, I thought I'd show Mom and Dad the black one, but as soon as I went to pick it up, she ran over, grabbed it out of my hand, went back and laid on the white one while she chewed on the black one. I guess she showed me! Later in the day, she opened her own present from Aunt Karyl Lynn, too, and proceeded to pull green fuzzies from her new squeaky toy. Silly pooch.

For anyone keeping track, I did finish my
Fuzzy Feet in time to felt them. I also felted the Tychus hat and my Knitty pumpkin. (Wow, I just now realized that all three of those things are from Knitty. Coolies.) Anyway, I keep forgetting to take pictures, so I'll try to do that tonight and share the fuzzy felted goodness with you tomorrow.

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