Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mind Like a Drunken Monkey

I'm excited to be able to share with you some gems from recent web searches that have led people to this blog. There have been plenty of searches for "drunken monkey clothes" and "monkey knitting patterns", but I especially liked how these were worded:

"How to Learn Drunken Monkey"
(Umm, drink a lot, then act like a monkey. Who would be able to translate anyway?)

"drunken aunt and nephew"
(Calvin? A lush? Who knew.)

"mind like a drunken monkey"
(Welcome to my world, baby.)

"show me a drunken monkey"
(...and I'll show you some poo-covered walls.)

The Christmas knitting goes well. I cast on for the neck last night and got about an inch (out of 8) finished. I have more knitting time tonight, and Wednesday night, etc. And as I told Brenda, I have plenty of time.

For those of you still looking for monkey knitting patterns, here are two of my favorites:
Mr. Dangly and Monty the Monkey

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