Monday, December 19, 2005

Oh, Me of Little Faith

Please observe:
The Shoulder Sweater. *angels sing*

You're right, it's still on the needles. But I want you to look at some important benchmarks.

1. This is where I picked up while attending a Christmas party Friday night. (The party was at my manager's house. I wasn't the only one knitting.) I probably accomplished three or four inches while I was there. I know this is where I started because there was a knot in the skein at this point. I hate that.

2. This is where I attached the second ball of gray yarn. The black stripes, by the way, look cool when the sleeve is not on my arm. The black stripes look too skinny and dorky when the sleeve is on my arm. I am hoping that my dad's not-quite-as-buff arm will not make the stripes look skinny and dorky.

3. This is where I currently stand. I am ready to add the neck piece which will hopefully hold the thing on in order to keep his shoulder covered. I must admit, the ribbing and the wool make this an incredibly warm sleeve. I really hope Dad likes it. I hope even more that it will serve the purpose for which it was requested. And I hope it's not too scratchy for him.

Frankly, I'm shocked that I'm this far along. So is Mom, who mocked me incessantly last night on the phone. She didn't even believe I was this far along. She'd better read my blog today.

Saturday I worked in the yarn store. I bought some 100% French Angora and made this:
I should have enough to make two more of them. My mother thinks I'm not going to have time. Maybe she's trying to reverse-psychology me. (I have special permission from the Board of Verbology to use "reverse-psychology" as a verb. Leave me alone.)

I also worked on this at the store. It's the cuff for my first glove. This Trekking is awesome... I can't really tell as I'm knitting where one stripe ends and the next begins, but when I look back at what I've knitted, the stripes are fairly obvious. I'm pretty sure that's because at least two strands of color go from one stripe to the next. It's simply beautiful yarn, although the more I work with it, the less brown I see, and the more blacks and purples and blues and tans. I still think they will match my coat.

Today has been a good day for office gifts. I got a really cool project bag and a ball of wool/recycled silk from Kimmy, a neat-o frame decorated with buttons, tiny scissors, and a tape measure bow from Kate, and candles and the most faboo t-shirt from Leslie. I want to wear it every day for the rest of my life. Wouldn't you?


Kimmy said...

Yeah!!! I made the blog today! Brook - If I had a blog you'd definitely be in it today too. I can't wait to come and buy yarn with you at Y&F!

Kimmy said...

Oh Crap! I spelled your name wrong in my previous comment. Bad Kimmy! Bad Kimmy! For penance I will spell my name wrong: Kymmi. There - I feel better.

Joy said...

I am most impressed at your progress on the shoulder sweater. It's a good thing you are a knitting sensei and lightning fast, or you could never have pulled this off!

Nice t-shirt. I would wear it forever too. Especially to bed. (knotty knotty me!)