Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So Proud

Given my past history of knitter's ADD and the vast number of distractions and alternate activities that could be taking up my time these days, I must confess how proud I am of my single-minded purpose this holiday season: finishing dad's shoulder sweater.

I haven't let myself get carried away with that snowflake pattern, and I certainly haven't used any leftover sock yarn just to see "how that snowflake might work up" with it.

Any yarn in my stash must wait, especially since I bought it a while ago because it was absolutely stunning, and didn't really have a plan in mind for it. In fact, that will be the stuff that's easiest to avoid; I certainly wouldn't go looking for a new pattern to try with it during this incredibly pressed knitting season.

And I certainly wouldn't cast on any new projects, especially not any new projects meant for myself. Sure, I need gloves that will match my beautiful brown wool winter coat, but that can wait until after Christmas. In fact, the new year will provide a wonderful opportunity to search for the appropriate yarn, and then start the gloves. They will be my beautiful 2006 gloves!

It has been difficult, but it has been worth it. Every day, inches upon inches are completed on the shoulder sweater, and every picture I take shows the immense progress that has been done. The blood, sweat, and tears will carry me through, of this I am confident.


Brenda said...

I am so impressed with your single-minded focus. You are a truly driven knitter!

I really like that yarn you are using for the scarf. Groovin!

brooke t. higgins said...

What yarn for what scarf? I'm only working on a sweater. Please don't try to distract me.