Thursday, December 8, 2005

The White Death Cometh

So I guess there are a few benefits to having inconsiderate neighbors and crappy apartment laundry facilities. Currently, only one of the two dryers in the building is working, and since it takes two go-rounds in the dryer to get clothes to an actual "dry" state, and each go-round takes approximately 45 minutes, and two other apartment dwellers were using the dryer before me, and one of them couldn't figure out that they actually needed to take their clothes OUT of the dryer once they were dry... I got to stay up until about 2:30am finishing my laundry. I would have gone to bed earlier, but due to incredible planning on my part, all of my bed accoutrements were the last to go in the dryer. (Everything had to be washed, since Carrot left me a little present on the bed during the day yesterday.)

So what about that is the benefit, you say? All of that extra time was used for knitting, of course! I got quite a bit accomplished last night. I made another 11
button snowmen, finished my super secret cabling project, and worked on my dad's shoulder sweater. Funny thing, that. I decided to re-start the sweater, based strongly on a pattern in this book. I thought I wasn't going to have to start over, but what I had so far was way off in terms of stitch count, and I think this will work better. I started trying to figure out exactly how many inches I needed to knit on it every day in order to finish it by Christmas, and since I'm not entirely sure I can knit that much every day (on one project!! every day!!), I'm not going to tell you how much I have to do every day, I'm just going to get it done. I can do it. Honest. It's the only thing I absolutely HAVE to have knitted for Christmas. You know, since the cable thing is done.

They're predicting a big snow storm for this afternoon and overnight, and I'm really hoping they'll have to close the office tomorrow so I can stay home for some extra quality knitting time. Chances of this actually happening? Probably pretty low. But one can always hope, can't one?

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