Monday, December 12, 2005

One Flake at a Time

This snowflake, knit from some random thin cotton I had in my house, from the very first pattern I've actually used from my pattern-a-day calendar, took me about an hour and a half to finish. Eureka! Christmas gifts for those for whom I had no idea what to give!

This is Christmas Corner. This is the only spot in my apartment (except for this wall) where there is Christmas cheer to be found. I took this picture for Brenda, who loves Christmas trees, and also, I suspect, the goodies found underneath/next to/near/beside them. Do you see that empty spot on the piano next to the big boxes on the left? I took this picture in a rare moment when there was no cat sitting there. Apparently I only clean off surfaces so that cats can sit there.

I finished four sewing projects this weekend. They are so finished, that if you look hard enough in the above Christmas picture, you can see them all wrapped up in boxes already. Do you see them?

I also worked diligently on my father's shoulder sweater. This *will* be done for Christmas. I'm not quite to the elbow yet, but it seems to be going quickly. I'm bummed that I had to restart it, but I think this time it will be much nicer than whatever stuff I was trying to do last time. This is one of those situations where it's very helpful to have an actual pattern.

Lastly, here is my newly reorganized Knitting Corner. I love to reorganize Knitting Corner. Especially when I should actually be knitting. Isn't Knitting Corner so pretty?


Brenda said...

Hey! I made a little snow flake like that too.

I LOVE Christmas! And I love the knitting corner. There's little I love more than a shelf full of baskets.

Good work on the sweater! I know you will have it done. Why? Because Christmas lasts as long as you are with your family. So even if it's done on Jan 1, it'll still be done on Christmas.

Joy said...

What a beautiful knitting corner! It's amazing what one can accomplish when one is trying to avoid doing something else!

The snowflake is perfect. Stash to the rescue, eh?