Friday, December 16, 2005

Look At This

First, look at this.

Okay, now look at this.

This is Jessica. You may remember her from the October knitting party. She is kicking major bootie on that blue scarf (she's finished an entire ball of Paton's wool and learned how to add on the second ball today), and she just started that purple one yesterday! Brand-spanking-new knitters who have the Christmas knitting crazies just crack me up. But isn't she doing wonderfully? I am so proud and impressed. She has been bringing in the blue scarf to show off her progress for the past week or so. I simply love it. Keep up the fantastic work, Jessica!

In other, unrelated news, congratulations to
my brother on his new blog title and format. Never having experienced such a transformation, I can only assume that this is a momentus event in his blog life, and therefore I can only heap happiness and well wishes upon him in this "significant", if currently-content-lacking endeavor. I hope this will greatly relieve your psychological pressure, brother.


Kimmy said...

What??? Jess gets her own post on the blog? I see how it is. I mean nothing to you! Nothing!!!!!

skh said...

Thank you, thank you for noticing and congratulating me on the blog transformation. It is indeed a momentous event, the idea having hatched in my mind some two or three months ago. After hours of brainstorming and template tweaking there is now great rejoicing (and only a bit more to do). The pressure is already lighter.