Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Not A Cat Blog

Remember this yarn? This beautiful Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in these gorgeous autumn colors that was to become a beautiful pair of Jaywalker socks for yours truly? Remember how the sock was so gorgeous? This beautiful yarn that teased me and taunted me and made me believe that it was my new best friend?

Well, the original sock and two other attempts at sock-making have been frogged, and the yarn is back in a tight little ball and it is in my bag and it will stay there and it will think about what it has done. And it will sit and it will think and it will stay there until such time that I determine it has had enough time, and only then will I allow it to come out and play again. Bad yarn.


Once upon a time I changed a purl stitch into a knit stitch by dropping all the stitches in the rows above the mistake, then picking them up the correct way all the way back up. This feat made me feel like good ol' Leo in Titanic: "I'm the king of the world!" Well, I have a little cabling project that I've been puffing along with since the weekend, and last night I realized that about three rows back, I twisted that one cable the wrong way. Alas and alack, what to do? Attempt to frog the last three rows and try to get all the cable stitches back on the needle in the right order, or drop those four stitches and try to pick them back up with the cable twisting the correct way? Right. Definitely the latter.

No pictures, and no documentary of how I did it. The project is a gift. But I was successful in my attempt, even though I did trap my working yarn behind one of the columns of stitches in the process and had to take that column out again, untrap the yarn, and pick that column back up again. This was tougher than dropping all the stitches in a straight rib and picking them back up, so I feel like I've reached another milestone. Plus last night I was able to help a lady at the yarn store with her sock by diagnosing the problem, helping her undo the work back to where the problem started, and teaching her how to do it correctly. These things excite me. I know I still don't know everything, but I love being knowledgable enough to fix my own mistakes and help other people find and fix their own.


Okay, so yesterday I talked about Krusty sleeping up on that platform, remember? (If you don't, you can just scroll down, you know.) Anyway, last night she made an amazing leap from the top platform to the arm of the couch in order to get to her dinner. I told her I was impressed. I told her it was an amazing leap for a five year old cat. She said, "Mrowr!!" I said, "Okay, okay! Four and a half years!" Sheesh. I didn't know she was so sensitive.

Anyway, I know this is a knitting blog and not a cat blog, but I was fortunate to snap this picture last night. Krusty was sleeping on the platform again,
and when I glanced up from my knitting, this is what I saw. Her head and one leg were hanging off the side of the platform... I don't know how she wasn't falling off. I snapped this picture and one other, and about 10 seconds later, she woke up enough to pull herself back up and fall asleep again. This picture cracks me up.

P.B. My friends are oh-so-helpful in reminding me exactly how much time that 20, no, 19 days is. Thank you, friends. You're SO helpful. Helpful helpful helpful.

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Brenda said...

Brooke, you amaze me. Trying to drop stitches and pick them back up to fix something scares the pee out of me. Literally. It makes James very angry.

Krusty is a silly, silly, cat. Give her to me!