Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Betcha Didn't Even Know

As a self-proclaimed purveyor of information, I wanted to point all Knitting Olympics prospects to a list of preventative treatments designed to keep you from injury during the upcoming events. I didn't even know all of the physical dangers involved in knitting with a deadline. The Yarn Harlot herself recommends this list of precautions, and I just wanted to pass it along in case you missed it.

Apparently people are training and exercising and swatching and doing all these different things to prepare. I feel so... lazy. I suppose you could count my frogged attempt from a couple weeks ago as a training swatch, but I didn't even know about the Knitting Olympics then. So I guess maybe you shouldn't count it.

All I'm doing is knitting socks. I'm about to start shaping the toe of Maggie's second sock, and then at least two of the four projects I wanted to have done before the Olympics will be done. The Shedir hat ran into a snag (okay, maybe it wasn't the hat itself that had the snag) as soon as I started the decrease rows, and Sadie's sweater is hanging on my wall, unfinished. If it makes you feel any better, it stares at me with its evil eyes and makes me feel horrible every time I see it, which is multiple times a day.

On the plus side, my
knitting teacher is coming to visit this weekend, and we're going to spend as much time as we can with my knitting prodigy, so happy times are coming. Cable belt class tomorrow night, sock club Saturday morning, Brenda finally gets to see my yarn store... it's all good.


Brenda said...

*screeching joyousness*

A Knitting Party! And I get to see people!

Joy said...

Can I still come even if I'm germy? I might be able to dig up a germ mask and some of those germ-fighting tissues. I promise that I will wash my hands and coughing into my arm and in all ways endeavor to keep my germs to myself. please please?