Thursday, February 16, 2006

Five Down, Four to Go

Quickie update: I finished the fifth repeat last night around 1am. It looks just like the last picture, only there's an extra row of diamonds on the top. So you don't get a new picture. I am mean.

I've set up a "goal" for what I want to get done and when. (Some people did this weeks before the knitting olympics started.) I want to finish at least repeats six and seven by the time this weekend is over, and then I have a whole week to do the last two repeats and cast off and block the thing.

The pattern is becoming more ingrained in my head, so the rows (I think) are going faster even though they're getting longer, simply because I don't have to refer back to the pattern nearly as often. This is a good thing.

I won
Joy's contest. I get cookies. I'm trying not to sound too excited so that Brenda won't feel bad. (Muhahahahahahaha!!)

I've been promised pictures of the cutest kids in the world in their Valentine's socks, but they are thus far unseen. I'll share as soon as I get them, kay?

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Brenda said...

I demand cookies! So, I think I'll go make some.

The shawl looks great! I mean, in my head it does. . .