Saturday, February 25, 2006

Strike Up The Band

I'll post lots more pictures on Monday when I'm not trying to upload them via dial-up. Tonight's post is proof that I finished with plenty of time to spare.

I finished the final repeat, two last points, and the bindoff Friday night. I counted 241 stitches in the final row, and the bindoff took for. ev. er. However, the shawl was off the needles at 11:45pm on Friday, February 24, 2006.

I had sock club from 10a-noon today at the yarn store, and then I clerked in the afternoon. This morning before I left, I pinned out the shawl on my bed, turned the ceiling fan on low, kicked the cats out, and shut the door. By the time I got home after working, the shawl was dry.

I just finished unpinning it and seeing how it drapes. I have taken plenty of pictures (both pre- and post-blocking), and I'm going to attempt some artsy* photos tomorrow... hopefully there will be some sunshine.

More stats and info on Monday... hopefully along with some big fat gold. Go me!

*artsy for me = sans cat hair


Suza said...

It looks wonderful...

greetings from a member of the german team :-)


Joy said...

Congratulations! It's beautiful and I'm SOOOO proud of you for finishing in plenty of time! You're my hero.

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