Friday, February 3, 2006

Have Stash, Will Travel

So here I am, promising to let all these people raid my stash, and none of them can come over to raid it. Something about "my husband wants to spend time with me" or "I live seven hours away" or "I have to wash my hair". I don't know what that's all about. So here, for your viewing/raiding pleasure, are the parts of my stash that I will permit you to raid, if you so choose. I told Joy I would take pictures and post them, and she said maybe I could come out on the upside of this deal, if a bidding war were to take place. I don't really know about any bidding wars, but if you're interested in anything you see here, or a combination thereof, or if you want me to pose different stuff together, you just let me know. And if you happen to have something to trade in return, cool. Click the picture for a bigger version.

Here we have a bunch of 100% cotton, all the same weight (about DK weight, use with US size 5 or 6 needles), a little lighter weight than your average kitchen cotton. Each ball of blue is about 50g, the pink might be about 30g, the yellow is maybe 150g, the white is around 30-40g, and the cream color is closer to 200g. It's all very pastel-y, and I've made a number of really great baby things with it. If you combined the blue and the white, or the blue and the yellow, or the yellow and white, or the blue and cream, or the cream with pink, you'd likely have enough for a 3 or 6 month sweater.

Next we have some Lite Lopi, 100% wool, kinda scratchy, not recommeded for babies. On the left, a burgundy/purple on top and cream on the bottom, brick red in the middle, and on the right, brown on top and orange on bottom. Feltable. I've pondered some fair isle mittens or a fair isle hat with this bunch. The red is a full ball, maybe about 50g. The rest are partially used, as you could probably tell.

Next is some Heirloom easy care 100% wool. I think Brenda gave this to me when we moved to Southgate, and I just haven't found a good use for it yet. You'll have to have something really good in mind to make sure it's worth it. It's pretty soft, a nice denim color. About 150g total.

In the true spirit of the Olympics, here's some red, white, and blue 100% cotton. The white is cotton tots, and the blue and red are exactly the same as cotton tots, only they aren't called cotton tots. Red and blue have about 50g each, the white is about 100g. Enough for little kid hat and mittens, maybe enough for baby sweater.

More cotton tots. Cream on the far left (a deal at Hobby Lobby), a bunch of lilac-y purple, and a small amount of light yellow. 100% cotton. You could combine any of this with any of the red, white, and blue, too. Your choice. Your deal. Your day.

Remember the Coke sweater? Here's the leftovers. 100% mercerized cotton. Mostly white, some red. Good for kid's hats or mittens or socks or something.

Here's a bunch more mercerized cotton. This is all Paton's Grace, and it's a slightly lighter weight than the Saucy... almost a sport weight. Might be good for fair isle something, or a toy, or anything else your little heart desires. Clockwise from top left: dark brown, two balls of taupe, ginger/green, two little balls of white, a big ball of black, and light blue in the middle.

I think this is Rowan Cotton Glace, which is pretty soft, but there isn't a lot here. I made a fair isle hat for Maggie when she was about 3 months old, and it didn't fit her. This could easily be combined with some of that 100% cotton that was listed first.

Here's some Dalegarn Baby Ull which I hear is pretty popular. It's a shade of brown that I thought was exciting a few years ago, but again never found a use for. It's 100% wool, fingering to sport weight. Just one ball... 50g.

Pretty much the only "fun fur" I've ever really enjoyed, this Bernat Boa is pretty fun to work with and makes for fun edgings on things. It's not too bad to knit with and it's soft and even sort of pretty, unlike a lot of other nasty "fun fur"-ish types of things. Combine with anything else I've listed or use it on it's own. Two balls of the blue/green, half a ball of the red, half a ball of the purple.

I don't mean for you to use these together, but if you want to, knock yourself out. On the left is some hot pink boucle I got to do some fringe on a project at Christmas, but the project turned out better without it. You've got a full ball. On the right, some dark blue "mini" chenille yarn that I made a platypus out of when I was just a wee, new knitter.

Lastly, some Lion Brand Kool Wool oddments. I think this stuff is 50% wool, 50% acrylic, but I'm too lazy to look it up. Very soft, use on 7 or 8 needles, works up pretty quick. You could make some good stripy kids' socks with this. Black, cream, gray, little bit of blue and red.

Bet this was more than you thought it would be, Joy! And as you can see, it isn't my crap-stash! This is some decent stuff that I just haven't been able to use thus far, and I have enough other projects going (and new yarn coming) that I don't see using it anytime soon. And getting hand-me-down yarn is just like Christmas!

Raiding my stash is open to you if you're reading my blog. Just post in my comments or email me (brooketyler2002 AT yahoo DOT com) what you're interested in, and we'll talk.


Joy said...

WOW! you weren't kidding! This is totally NOT a crap-stash, and it's WAY more than I expected!

I want the lilac cotten tots! I want the lilac cotten tots! Me me me! Pick me!

Oooo, and the white cotten tots. And the taupe mercerized cotton. Hmmm... it all looks soooo lovely.

Kimmy said...

Oooooooooo! Yummy! I am interested in any of the Lopi feltable wool. How does this work? Do I trade you a kidney or something? How do I sign up?

Brenda said...

I want the ginger cotton grace. I might want more. Can I pick through what's left when I come visit? HA! I love saying that! See you in two days!