Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Knitter's ADD

Sure, I joke and I laugh, and I laugh and I joke, but let's face it folks, Knitter's ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is a real problem. Please take the following quiz:

Have you ever caught yourself wandering around your home aimlessly, poking at this yarn, flipping through that pattern book, pulling out those needles, scratching your back with them, then putting them back, prying that other yarn out from underneath that pile of stuff, fondling it gently, running down the hall with it, running back to search for that book you know you have, remembering you lent that book to someone, sighing loudly, putting that yarn back, then plopping down on the couch amidst two dozen unfinished projects, proclaiming loudly, "I don't have anything to knit!!!"?

Have you ever had a really rough week at work and kept yourself entertained by writing out knitting patterns, reading knitting blogs, searching for patterns, gazing at a million different sites full of yarn that you know just HAS to be soft (darn that screen-in-the-way), talking to all of your co-workers about all of your unfinished projects, current projects, future projects, all prior and future yarn purchases, and how they need to come to the yarn store with you to pick out yarn for your next project, which you really ought to start immediately, except you have those socks you want to finish, and oh yeah, that knitting olympics thing?

If you answered yes to either of those... what? Okay, so it's a two question quiz. I have ADD. What did you expect? I think you get the idea.

I was at the yarn store last night because I had a You-Pick-It class scheduled. No one had signed up, but that's okay because I wanted to go hang out anyway. It was a good thing I went, because as I walked in the door there was a lady who was working on that earflap hat and she needed some help, and I was able to talk with her about it. She was doing a really great job, but she was at the point where she needed to switch from the circular needle to the double points, and she needed some tips on picking up stitches for the earflaps and the edging.

There was also a yarn rep there, so I got to sit in on some of that. Nicole was there, and she showed me her BEAUTIFUL Lopi sweater. (I honestly don't know how she knits as much as she does. I tease her that all she does is knit, but I know that isn't true. I've even seen her without needles in her hands!) I tried to pick out something to buy, but I was uninspired... again. I decided I needed to choose a new project before buying new yarn. See how grown up I am? I'm very mature.

So I went home and bought a bunch of yarn online. Knitsie, if you're still listening, I spread the wealth. I bought from
KnitPicks, kpixie, and eBay. No favortism here. I'm going to need to bulk up the stash if everybody's going to come raid it.

Speaking of, it's really the perfect setup. No one goes to the olympics alone. The way I see it, Brenda comes to Ohio for 16 days. She drives up on February 9, and that night she and Joy and Heather raid the stash and make their final knitting olympics decisions. We support each other. We're a team. We sing our knitting anthems and do our finger stretches and maybe break a couple things in our hotel room. For the next two weeks, we either go to Joy's or Joy comes to us, and we knit like banshees and help each other and cheer each other on and spray each other with water bottles and eat power bars and come February 26, we'll stand proudly as we receive our gold medals and once again sing our anthems as they extinguish the torch. It's beautiful. I can picture it all. So, Brenda? What time are you getting here on the 9th? (Besides, if you come to Ohio, you could probably use some of your birthday yarn for the Olympics! Oh! Oops! Did I say "birthday yarn"???)

Speaking of the Olympics, does anyone else get butterflies every time they see the promo commercials on NBC? The Olympics have never done that to me before. Also, I almost changed my project today. I need to knit
this for me. Yeah, a sweater for me before I finish the sweater for Anthony. I'm telling you, I have Knitter's ADD. It's a serious disease. Anyway, it's Samus from Knitty. I'm not going to make mine orange. Oh, and I'm not going to make it until after the Olympics. I'm sticking with the shawl. But I might change the yarn. If it gets here on time. From KnitPicks. I might even swatch it. Okay, I won't. That would be really crazy.

OH! And I finished the orange stripy sock that was featured in yesterday's post. Go me!

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Brenda said...

Ooooo! Everyone and the stash could come down here for the olympics!

Ok. I'll be there on the 9th.

I think that any knitter who doesn't have ADD might not be human. You have lots of needles for a reason.