Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Disclaimer: Vomit Ahead

No, my preciouses, the shawl is far from finished. I have progressed to row 103, however, and I plan to finish this repeat tonight, which will give me five vertical diamonds. I will find an object to place in the next picture which will give you some idea of the size of the shawl. It's slightly larger than a do-rag at this point. (Go google 'do-rag' if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

My newest toy is in the sidebar. It's a count-down-o-matic from
Anny Purls. I like to stare at it while I'm at work, watching the precious seconds, minutes, and hours tick away while I'm not able to knit. I actually did two rows today at lunch time. I should have done more. No one would have cared. I could have sat in the kitchen for a couple of hours, knitting away. It would have been fine, right? Okay, maybe not.

You should be proud of me, though. I've had good, solid focus on the shawl since Sunday. I haven't picked up any other projects since then. Well, I haven't picked them up to work on them. I did pick up a project that one of the cats attempted to vomit on. Fortunately most of the vomit landed on the plastic bag containing my Lorna's Laces Seaside yarn and my Raindrop Lace Sock. Unfortunately, a small amount of the vomit landed on the ball of yarn I started a sock with this weekend. I suppose this is a lesson in not leaving important things (like knitting projects and yarn) on the floor in front of the couch, seeing as the arm of the couch and the immediate vicinity seem to be a favorite vomiting spot.

Haven't read enough about vomit? This story kind of reminds me of something that happened when I was in junior high. I was supposed to have straightened up my room one day, and I guess I hadn't. (Big shock, I know.) That night I got sick and projectile vomited some not-quite-completely-digested Spaghettios on the floor. But since I hadn't cleaned up like I was supposed to, some of the yuck got on my brand new basketball shoes. As my mom was helping me clean up, she kindly informed me that I was grounded for a week for not straightening my room like I was supposed to. And I was responsible for cleaning my shoes, because I wasn't getting a new pair.

You know how they tell you to learn from your experiences? Sometimes I wish I'd listen.

Oh, and I haven't appreciated a good bowl of Spaghettios, since.

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