Monday, February 20, 2006

Feel the Burn

Go me. I hit my goal for the weekend (7 repeats complete) and even finished two more rows this morning while I waited for the cable guy. No, not THAT Cable Guy. (Apparently, some moron in my neighborhood broke into the cable box and started turning off random people's cable. Nice. One more reason to love my neighborhood.)

You can see the scrunchy, unblocked lacy goodness in this photo. I included the remote for size purposes. I'm not going to stretch the shawl out for any more pics until the photo finish, mostly because it would stretch waaaaaaaaay farther than my needle is long, and I really can't imagine the frustration it would be to try to get all those stitches back on the needle. I worked fairly diligently on my Olympic knitting for most of the weekend, not including the hours I had to work-work on Saturday. I must say I have my doubts about finishing on time. I watch my little ticker tick away, and check my calendar for the remainder of the week, and I have trouble seeing two more finished repeats plus an applied i-cord bindoff plus a goodly amount of time for blocking. The rows are getting longer, people. Every new repeat adds two additional diamonds. Each row takes a significantly long time, despite my fervent knowledge of the pattern. And no, telling me my Visa Check Card just got stolen is not going to boost my confidence.

And yet, despite my growing concern, I still had time over the weekend for this:

Sing with me now.

Oh beautiful for spacious skies,
For orangey waves of garter-stitch goodness.
Knitty's Unbiased majesty,
Above my fruit and grain (cereal).

Oh, Mango Moon, oh, Mango Moon,
Chaka sheds her fur on thee.
And crown thy good with straps and possibly a lining,
And stuff thee with some yarn-related loot.

Focus, Drunken Monkey, focus.

P.B. Happy happy happy birthday (yesterday), Joyer! I hope you had a relaxing, refreshing weekend.


amandamonkey said...

Lookin' good!

Joy said...

Is that one happy for each decade I've been alive? :) Thanks for the birthday wishes. Even though I didn't get a birthday poem like Brenda did. :P

The shawl looks awesome and I'm so impressed that you made your goal, even with some extra-curricular knitting on the side.

fibersnob said...

Great progress on the shawl, I'm just doing the i-cord bind off on mine then I'm done. Go for gold!