Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's A Disease

I just went back to double check the mega works-in-progress post to see how well I've progressed in a little over two months. Of the 14 projects listed as works-in-progress on January 17, 2006, four have been completed (including my knitting olympics shawl), one is over halfway in progress, and nine haven't been touched. In the meantime, I've cast on a cable sweater, a biased Mango moon bag, fingerless gloves, and an entrelac bag, and I've also decreased my stash. (How sad is it that I had to go back through the last two months' worth of posts to remember all of that?)

Anyway, all of that to say this: I have a confession to make. I cast on a new pair of socks last night.

The yarn is Claudia's Handpainted in the Chocolate Cherries colorway. I got it from kpixie. They have all sorts of gorgeous one-of-a-kind yarns, and I think I've fallen in love with Claudia's yarn. The pattern is Pomatomus from the Winter 06 Knitty. I've been wanting to try this pattern since it came out a couple of months ago. The pattern is brilliant. I wish you could see this in person. I wish you could touch it and see how beautiful the stitch definition is. I wish you could see the gorgeous colors and love this sock as much as I do. And I'm only halfway through the first repeat.

Oh, and the socks already have a recipient picked out. Don't even ask.


In other news, I'm tormenting a co-worker of mine. She's the newest member of the training staff and very friendly and very fun. She has this hand puppet named Henry that she told me she sometimes likes to put in other people's areas (cubicles, desk drawers, etc.) to surprise them. On Tuesday I found him in my desk drawer. I put him in my bag and took him home. Since then, I have innocently protested every time he is asked about.

Last night I took a trip to Hobby Lobby for some felt and supplies. I'd like to introduce you to Henri Le Main, Henry the Hand's French cousin.

As you can tell, the original Henry the Hand is on the left, and his French cousin is on the right. I never would have guessed how difficult it is to write on felt with a Sharpie marker. And I had to wait until I got into work this morning to look up the French word for "hand".

Anyway, this morning I gave Henri to my manager to give to Kara during our meeting this morning. Kara got all excited thinking that Henry was back, but she's since figured out that Henri is an imposter. This is highly amusing to me. I'm planning on making another "Henry" tonight, only this one will likely be a "Henrietta". I'll be sure to show you pictures tomorrow.


Joy said...

Chocolate cherries is the perfect name for that yarn. Looks good enough to eat, and the pattern looks like lots of fun.

Why can't we ask who the socks are for? Just because they are already for someone doesn't mean we can't know who the lucky one is, right?

Brenda said...

You are a sneaky snake! I love Henri's name!

I think it's great that you've finished four projects from your list. It's phenomenal. At least in my book.

trek said...

The hand puppets are too cool!