Friday, March 17, 2006

A Little More Conversation

Kimmy (Greedy Monkey)
Hi Kimmy! I'm sorry, but as a knitter, if you win, you must make your own socks. Branch out! Learn something new! You can do it! As for rules, the rules are as the rules are. As the owner and author of the blog, I can call you a greedy monkey and a cheater as often as I want. That's an unwritten rule. Oh wait, I guess it's written now. HA!

Joy (Greedy Monkey 2)
Hi Joyer! You're right! I do know how to make the commenters come out of the woodwork. Please tell Sam that I enjoy my visits with him, too! In fact, I can't wait to come taste all of your garden salady-goodness this summer.

Karen (
Hi Karen! Thanks for commenting! I love all the socks on your blog. Very colorful and you have a wide variety! Keep up the good knitting!

Grins (Mom!)
Hi Grins! I would never infer that you are a non-person or an outcast because you don't knit. The only reason I singled you out is because I knew you'd need a super special prize if you won because you've expressed that you wouldn't like to wear handknit socks. And I'm okay with that, because I love you, too!

Trek (
Hi Trek! I'm glad you like my kitty. She's very precious. Thanks also for the compliment on the Tychus hat! I don't know why that comment isn't listed anymore, but thanks for the compliment anyway! I love your quote about dragons. I'll have to keep my eyes open for your contest, too!

Nicole (Knitting Queen!)
Hi Nicole! Why in the world would I knit you a pair of socks when you could knit 85 pair in the time it takes me to knit a single sock? Silly! I can't wait to work with you tomorrow!

Carolyn (
Hi Carolyn! Honestly, I don't know of any good entrelac help sites or resources. All I know is that it didn't work for me a few years ago, but it's working for me now. I guess your best bet might be to find a local yarn store or someone near you who has been successful with entrelac, and ask them to show you how it works. Seeing it in person will help immensely, methinks. Good luck with it. I can't wait to see some progress! (I LOVE your dragon vest! Gorgeous!)

Kate (Training BFF)
Hi Kate! You will always be a winner in my book, even though you haven't yet won my sock(yarn) contest. In fact, no one has won yet! Can you believe it? We are, however, 46% closer to a winner than we were yesterday!


trek said...

I made a modified version of your Tychus to match an illusion sweater I made for my toddler. I think the pics are on my blog somewhere - red and black!

Joy said...

I am NOT a greedy monkey. Just keeping things interesting. You did know that you were going to get comment-spammed by all your friends, right???

Come on over and eat veggies any time! Well, better wait a month - that's probably the earliest I'll have edible greens... but you never know. I'll tell ya when we're ready to harvest.

bean said...

annie grook - i apologize in advance for using your comment forum for this...

hello, grins? ummm, i created this, like, entire blog for you, and i've never even seen your nice little self over there. i think i only got like one anonymous comment from you. you don't want that little orange purse model to think you don't check her blog, do you? is this enough guilt yet? little calvin is longing for a comment from his grins. hey, what do you think of grins and grumps? i love it...

Nicole said...

see my problem is, just because everybody knows I'm able to do it, nobody is giving me beautiful hand knitted Socks :-( Not even as a Birthday or Christmas present but ok...maybe I have to knit a pair for you

trek said...

What?! There is someone other than my Number Guy who doesn't want hand-knit socks? How odd... ::smile::

Visit my blog. I'm having a contest soon, too.

Karen said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I got tired of knitting plain socks very soon after starting to knit them, and my goal is to have a pair for every day of the year. So I need to knit more,I am nowhere near my goal.