Monday, March 13, 2006

For Every Thing, Turn, Turn, Turn

A Time To Finish Projects

Way back before the knitting olympics, I wanted to finish four projects. Two projects were socks for the niece and nephew (and I'm still waiting for feetsie pictures...), one was Sadie's sweater, and one was this hat, Shedir, from Knitty. I was successful with the socks, finished the sweater one day post-Olympics (just in time for the tot's b-day!), and this weekend I finished this hat. I had to tink back almost two full rows so that I could fix my error. I completely misinterpreted the entire first decrease row on my first attempt (months ago), hadn't learned my Olympic lessons yet (shush you. and you.), and had thrown the project aside as a loss until I had time to get back to it. This weekend I did, and was greatly successful, and the hat has already been happily gifted. Check!

A Time To Start New Projects

With one project climbing off the needles this weekend, I thought it appropriate to cast on a couple more. Knitting logic at its best, I know. I'm not going to show you pictures, because you'll just get cranky at me for not finishing other projects (you know who you are), and you won't be able to celebrate with me in the delight of these wonderful new projects, both made of sock yarn, but not both socks. You will have to sit and stew in your discomfort and curiosity until such time as I deem appropriate to tell you about new (Wonderful! I'm SO excited!) projects.

A Time For New Yarn

This is my brand new Socks That Rock sock yarn, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, in the Red Rock Canyon colorway. I picked up this yarn Friday morning (along with another skein, yet to be revealed) and drooled on it all day. I took it home and at some point, attempted to wind it.

A Time To Wind New Yarn

Take one skein of sock yarn (enough for two socks), one ball winder, one chair back, and one impatient yarn winder person, and you'll end up with a half of a ball of yarn, and a half of a skein's tangled mess. Work at it slowly, off and on, for a span of approximately 48 hours, and eventually you'll end up with a nice ball. It's amazing what you can do when you stay up until 6am (on a Sunday night, no less, when you KNOW you have to get up and go to work in the morning). I've discovered I'm much more patient around 4:00, 4:30 in the morning. Brenda, this pic is for you, since I know how much you know about my ability to be patient with tangled yarn. I must have wound and rewound this thing a dozen or more times, getting a little more untangled each time. I think when I pull out the other skein, I'm going to take it somewhere with a swift before trying to wind it. Touche, Socks That Rock... touche.

A Time To Show Pictures of In-Progress Projects That Sort of Look Like Bikinis But Are Actually Pieces of a Bag Made From Recycled Rayon That Joy Has Been Waiting To See Because Grins Got To See Them Already But Joy Hasn't Yet

Uh, this is a picture of an in-progress project that sort of looks like a bikini top, but is actually two pieces of a bag made from recycled rayon. Joy wanted to see the pieces, because she was jealous that Grins got to see them, but she hadn't yet. If that helps. I started the third piece this weekend.

A Time To End This Post So We Can All Get This Stinking Song Out Of Our Heads

Enough said.


Joy said...

Hurray! I got to see the bag pieces! I am sensing a theme in colors you choose - lots of bright orange and yellow. Interesting.

The Shedir cap looks great. I know how hard it was for you to pick that back up and fix it.

C'mon, you stingy sneak. You have to show pics of what you've cast on! Share, share!

Brenda said...

The hat looks amazing!

I think I like the bag as a bikini. It's hot.

We don't care if you cast on new projects! We love new projects! Show us!

grins said...

Hey, Joy! Lucky "MOM"-me! I got to see the bikini top first! And, what is the big deal calling me "whiney" when I just think the purse is so cute that everybody deserves and chance to make one for their own little girls ...

Okay .. I still love you anyway!

trek said...

I love your STR's colorway and that hat from Knitty is just too cool!